Friday, December 11, 2009

In other news

My great grandma, Grandma Warnick, died earlier this week. She was 93. All of her friends had died. She lived at home alone for a long time. She was put in a funeral about a week before she died. She was ready to leave this earth. Who knows where she is now? We will or will not find out one day.

Today was the last day of College English. That meant I had to turn in my final portfolio or else I'd fail the class quite miserably. Grandma Warnick's funeral was today. I missed it to turn in my final portfolio. There is something wrong with the school system. But...that's life. All I did in school today was turn in that portfolio. The teachers are all getting that Christmas-is-almost-here syndrome. I have a hugeass AP Biology test on Monday and I'm going to do poorly on it as always. That's stressful to think about. I sleep in that class too much. Entirely too much. I cannot stay awake through notes, though. It's that room or something. And the tone of peoples' voices when they're trying to explain how things work...I can't stay awake. If people have the tone used in conversation or something, I canNOT sleep. Like if a TV show is on and even if it's something I hate, I usually keep my ears open too much to fall asleep. Anyway, that's neither here nor there.

My drums are still at the high school. If I Forget wants to rehearse, they're fucked. I'm fucked, rather. We have a hugeass show coming up. So rehearsal would probably be a good idea, eh? I even bought a ton of supplies for it and I'm ready to make more CDs and t-shirts. Alex even made me that wonderful design that everyone seems to hate. Maybe we should just make it our album cover and still call the album Everyone Sharts. That'd sail smoothly.

Tim said he wants to make a shirt with a huge dick hitting the Twin Towers that says, "We got fucked." THAT is class!

Anyway, I'm still excited about this show. It's gonna be the shits. Kayla and Tabitha are going to change the sign at the bottom of the hill announcing the concert and I Forget and Dogjaw playing. That's like our first marquee. Lots of people coming to this show, too. I knew it would be huge if we had it at the high school.

I can't think of anything else going on. I may be going to see a movie with Kylie tomorrow. And Brittney is busy all weekend, I think. I need to make a huge I Forget banner for the show. I have a lot of shit to do, I guess. I'm gonna get off of here and watch The Office that I missed last night. Oh yeah, I played with the jazz band last night. That was fun.


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