Friday, January 2, 2009

No, really! It wasn't me this time!

Internet is dead at my dads. When will it come back? Could be back now, could be back 3 weeks from now. We'll have to wait and see.

If I had to make another top 11 favorite albums list again now, I'd definitely include The Hives' Black and White Album because they're amazing and that album is about as solid as they come. I want Tyrannosaurus Hives now. Some say that new Hives isn't as good as old. I'll be the judge of that. Frankly, their "Christmas Duel" with Cyndi Lauper is my favorite song right now and it's brandfuckingnew. That's all I have to say there other than I'm definitely seeing The Hives the next time they come anywhere close to "around."

Katie read/reads my blog. So that makes me feel like the FBI is monitoring my life or something. I can't confess secrets anymore! Oh well, I'll just have to find something else to write about or pretend not to care. It's her birthday today, so if she's reading this, I wish her a happy one. I hope you have a good time back at home today and thanks for making my birthday less significant-looking. Jesus Christ did that enough as it was. Goddammit.

The dentist appointment this morning was okay...other than them telling me that I need two more fillings. I'd like to keep feeling in my mouth at all times. Can't they just let my enamel rot and let my teeth fall out? That'd be much easier.

Okay, I'm not done talking about The Hives. Swedish bands are amazing. Name me a Swedish band that isn't fucking awesome? I'd really like to hear one. Randy, The Hives, Mando Daio, ABBA, and how can you complain past those? No need to say anything else. If all bands were banned from playing in the world but those from Sweden, I'd be happy still. Sure, parting with Dillinger Four would be hard, but there's a band called The D4 from Sweden, I think. They've got it covered. No, no they're nothing like our D4. I wish.

I'm going to a late-notice New Years party tonight. My New Years was spent watching P.S. I Love You, Hannah Montana singing "7 Things" (what an awful last song to listen to in '08), and then starting off the year watching That '70s Show. That's almost 40 years ago now! Wow...

Tonight should be lots I can never tell what really is going to come out of a party at Tim's. Lots of titties, beer, lines of coke, and lies about what really happened and was there. I'm looking forward to it, though. I'm also way ahead of the staying awake all night thing. I don't sleep very well anymore. 6 am has been my bedtime or thereabouts. No one told me I was waking up to go to the dentist at 9 in the morning, either. So I got like 3 hours of sleep. That's healthy. I'm thinking about just rotating my entire life and going to bed after school and waking up at midnight. That has no room for drumming really loud, though. Where's an electronic drum set when I need one? I guess that's why God gave us the VoTech bus...though Katie's probably now going to wake me up every morning on the bus. I can't win in this world. Luxury is a burden.

Oh! Here's something significant. If you haven't seen the movie 7 Pounds then get your ass to it! I cried a million times, it felt like. I can't tell you anything about it other than Will Smith is the lead actor and he's amazing. This movie makes up for Twilight coming out this year and then some. It made the rest of my day...and maybe the rest of my life...feel less significant. How the fuck do you write a story like that? It's amazing, just take my word for it. I took someone's word for it and went to see for myself and I regret not a second of any of it. Whatever.

Someone know how to play the piano well and want to teach me a thing or two? Anyone know how to read music? I'm not very good at that, either. Drums don't use pitches very often except for when playing quads, but that's just 4 different pitches and really has nothing to do with chromatic notes or anything like that. So someone needs to teach me a thing or two and I'll get it from there. You know what will probably happen? I'll do it all on my own because I'm capable and no one responds to anything I post here anyway. Typical.

Ever notice my annoying habit of ending every paragraph with a one-word "sentence?"

So I'm gonna go party and get loaded like Propagandhi does. I used to like them 'till I heard they were gay. Hypocrites. ("True.")


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