Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The things I was worrying about this morning are no longer of any worry, so I won't even tell you about them because you don't need to know!

Timmy commented me saying that he noticed that Drake Bell has a Randy and an ALL sticker on the box at the bottom of his bed on the show "Drake and Josh." Well I'm sure fucking glad someone else noticed that! Anyone that's ever watched Drake and Josh with me knows I always point that out, and I also point out the Millencolin poster near the door of their bedroom. I think there's a Midtown poster or something, too at the side of his bed on the wall. I don't think many people abroad notice that because most people that watch Drake and Josh don't know who ALL, Randy, and Millencolin are and most people that like ALL, Randy, and Millencolin (especially since Randy and Millencolin are Swedish and this is an American TV show) don't watch Drake and Josh. Now Timmy also went on to say that he doesn't like Drake Bell's music. He obviously has no appreciation for the beauty of pop written by the actual artist. Which brings me to my next topic: Justin Timberlake.

Okay, I don't know a whole lot about J.T. I'm sure Wikipedia could tell me a lot of stuff in a few minutes, but I want to use MY biased views on him to say what I'm going to say. First off, I hate MTV. Justin Timberlake loved his friends over at TRL, but then again, so did blink-182...maybe (because there was the time that both blink-182 and Green Day openly mocked everyone at TRL while on the show). What can I say, though? I've not been put in that position to judge if the people there are nice or not, I just know the show made me sick to watch and I'm glad it ended recently. That has nothing to do with Justin Timberlake as an artist, though. Justin Timberlake, from all that I've been told, writes all of his own music and also music for some other people (I think he might have written "Jizz In My Pants" and "Dick in a Box" for SNL). Now, I don't know if that sounds as weird to you as it does to me (in terms of mainstream pop music) when I say that he writes his own stuff. Maybe you don't realize how many mainstream pop artists don't really write their own music. Does Elton John even write all of his own music? Point being, this is a pretty amazing thing (though in things like punk music, everyone writes their own it should be). So I have a lot of respect for Justin for primarily that reason. Congratulations, Justin Timberlake, you're not as much of a toolbag as you sometimes look.

Let me just throw something out there. Katie's probably at her house in Fort Ashby right now (if not, she's just leaving) and I'm not going to get to see her today. Super bummer, but it happens. We'll have to wish for the best for later. So instead of running down the road as fast as possible to see her, I'm watching a Nickelback interview. I'm glad I'm not a metal head, or they'd piss me off anymore on the account of them being coined as "alternative metal" by Allmusic. This interview isn't grueling, though. Does that make me an awful person? I think they genuinely struggled to get where they are now, I just really think their music is lame and their message is lamer. I talk about them too much. Maybe they're a situation where someone else writing their music would save the radio some bullshit. That's like saving a sewage system shit, though. Wouldn't do any'd just be like putting shit in a bag before flushing it.

I just read that Dillinger Four are coming back around in March...I might have to go see them again. They're going to be touring with The Bouncing Souls and The AKAs (Are Everywhere!), so that would be really awesome. I'm going and I don't care what anyone says. It's official. I said it here first. Gotta go represent Fort Ashby! Plus, I want to meet Paddy, Lane, and Erik again and maybe Billy for the first time. Maybe I'll go to the one in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, AND the one in Virginia. I'll have a car by then, so why not? I just messaged D4 on MySpace asking them if we could get on the bill.

Well that certainly spruced up my year thus far. I think this year will be awesome after all. Once I get my license, I'm gonna go to shows all the fucking time. I would have gone and saw Off With Their Heads a few weeks ago if I had a car at that point. I'm gonna watch out for good bands playing. If anyone finds out about like The Weakerthans, The Hives, or any other amazing bands playing around here this year, let me know.

That's all, I guess.


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