Friday, January 16, 2009

My date

So I went on a date today and it was...kind of shitty. So her name was Lolly. Got grey and darker grey-colored hair and big ears. she asked if she could come to my house. I told her 3:33 p.m. and that's exactly when she showed up. She looks kinda just like this.

Anyway, so she came to my house, I let her in and all she said was how shitty my house was. Umm...if I wanted someone to tell me how shitty things were, I'd have invited Camofrog over.

So anyway, the visit was kind of shitty. But, she sent me a thank you letter in the mail. I replied with "I love you." and she sent a further letter saying how reading my letter was like trying to read a puzzle. I think she's a little bit challenged. Anyway, she's kind of ditzy, I think. I got stung by a bee on the face, she asked if it was contagious and I told her "Maybe," just to be an asshole. She then thought it'd be cool if I left her house because of that. She's fucking retarded. Oh, but then I delivered a present she got for someone to that someone and she thanked me by giving me...the same carpet I already have on my floor...which I know she has seen since she came over and told me how shitty my house was. She said that she'd give it 3/5 stars if she had to. What a bitch.

Oh well, that's Animal Crossing for ya. In other news, someone asked me what a cool new catch-phrase would be (in terms of a greeting) and I told him to say "Fuxup?!" and he does now. Very funny. I told another resident of my town to say "titties," which he does. Also very funny. The point I'm trying to get at here is that Animal Crossing is a fucking fun game.


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