Friday, January 23, 2009

THE CLIMAX! [cont.]

So life's yet to improve. You know, all of these little shitty bitch complaints would mean nothing to me if there were some happy things to break them up, but everything's either bland or bad. Matt Skiba sounds like the guy from Piebald on the chorus of Radio. Hot Water Music do a pretty excellent cover of Radio.

So I sing to myself when I have nothing better to do. A Common selection of songs I sing includes, but is not limited to:
"Gamble" - Lowest of the Low
"You Look Like I Need a Drink" - Against Me!
"Miami" - Against Me!
"Cavalier Eternal" - Against Me!
"Time to Waste" - Alkaline Trio
"Armageddon" - Alkaline Trio
"Hurtlin'" - American Steel
"Smile On Me" - American Steel
"The Classical Arrangement" - Dillinger Four
"Worry Rock" - Green Day
"Lighting the Way" - Superdrag
The album Shanked! - Toys That Kill
"After Hours" - We Are Scientists

Looking back, I realize that I don't really sing that many full songs. I know a lot of Weezer ones and like every Green Day, Against Me!, and NOFX song and a ton of other things, but those are the ones I've sang recently. I also like me some Lawrence Arms. I don't know, I don't usually know enough words to a song to get me all the way through, so I B.S. it. Anyway, don't try to imagine me singing any of those songs. I'm not that good.

I like to drum to the following albums:
Dead to Me's Cuban Ballerina
The Lawrence Arms' Oh! Calcutta!
Alkaline Trio's Crimson
Propagandhi's Potemkin City Limits
Blink-182's Enema of State, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, blink-182
Descendents' Everything Sucks, Cool to be You
Every Dillinger Four album
The Hives' Black and White Album
Weezer's Pinkerton

Now maybe these things mean nothing to you (and they obviously mean nothing to the electricity in the house since it went out as soon as I finished typing them[I think the house's vital memory was too low]), but songs and albums like these keep me going in life. 'Kay? Seriously, I think god is after me. He got rid of the internet one night, he's been fucking with the electricity, he's a mad man!

Anyway, speaking of things that keep me going, here's a video of Blake Schwarzenbach singing some of his songs. The first one is about him losing his virginity and the song is both beautiful and kind of funny in parts. Nicely done. Anyway, here it is.

Blake, as I say all of the time, was the singer of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil. I can't wait for him to start making music regularly again!

I'm getting a lot more into more "indie" music than I was before. I hate calling it "indie," because I don't really like that term. I don't know..ehh. But bands like Jets to Brazil and The Weakerthans I listen to for my heart. My heart needs as much music as my brain and body does, I feel. Let's just call it emo, because I like emo more. You know what I mean by "emo," and I'm not going to explain myself every time I post a blog. I'm not telling you who Blake is ever again and I'm not going to explain to you what I mean by "emo" or any of that shit. You should learn as I write.

In the spirit of that, I'm going to allow you to quiz yourself. I'm going to give some names or general proper nouns and you'll see if you know who or what I'm talking about. If you do, then we're set.

-Blake Schwarzenbach
-John K Samson
-Brendan Kelly
-Matt Skiba

Okay, the last one wasn't really a proper noun or anything, but you should still know it, too. So how'd you do? 4/10? 7/10? Do you study and get a 10/10? Lolly's my secret girlfriend, by the way. Here's a new term for you: Check it out.

Okay, so now that I've tested your knowledge, umm...this isn't connected to that at all, so I'm not going to act like it is. My birthday party is tomorrow. Hooray! I've been 17 for 20 days tomorrow! How less significant than my actual birthday! It will be a lot more fun than my birthday was, though. And I really need a fun day because I've had few of those so far this year.

My hair is getting long.


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