Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm not about to sleep, I'm about to create

I'm in the mood to write a song. I kind of have this theory that if you're in a band that never rehearses or plays with each other, but you all listen to a lot of music, your sound is very inconsistent. That's kind of I Forget in a nutshell. We never rehearse, but we listen to a lot of music, and our songs don't make any sense from song to song. Wait 'till our new album is finished and you'll definitely know what I mean. We sound more "rock" all of the time, but we don't really listen to "rock." It's just kinda happening that way. We also shit out ridiculous pop songs. That's what you should expect. Pop and rock. Lots of both. And lots of punk, of course. And experimental weird shit that hasn't a genre.

Normally, I'd have been celebrating my birthday right now, but as I said yesterday, that was postponed. So I really did nothing all day but sit around in the basement and play some instruments. I haven't spoken with anyone all day except fucking "Skeletor," who is this son of a bitch obnoxious kid that almost ruined the show we played in at the Augusta County Gym, so I really didn't want to talk to him. So other than him, I talked to Belle on the phone for like 1 minute, and other than her, nothing. It's been a weird day. The opposite of the social day it was supposed to be, but it'll be worth it when the rescheduled date comes around. My driveway is a solid sheet of ice that I can hardly walk across, so it's probably better that I didn't try to make people come here.

It's been nice, in a way, to have a day to just sit around and play drums, guitar, and piano. I played through all of Pinkerton and Potemkin City Limits. I kept hitting Ctrl and "P," so I posted this blog twice trying to say "Pinkerton" and "Potemkin." That's what I get for wearing gloves while typing. I hope I don't get thirsty tonight, because I drank everything that was down here. Maybe some of that cat's water is still left...

I'm supposed to record drums tomorrow or something. I totally don't want to record drums tomorrow. Brittney just wrote a new song and I'd kind of like to write drums to it first. See, thing is I'm not sure about one of the songs we already have written, so I'd like another song just incase. I'd rather have 13 songs than 11, you know?

So everyone gets on MSN at like 12:30 a.m., I've noticed. So now I have people to talk to. OH! I downloaded a ton of music today. I went to and downloaded all of the freebies they had. I got some Jets to Brazil! Woo! I do love me some Jets to Brazil. And I also got lots of bands I'd never heard of and some Paint It Black and New Mexican Distaster Squad. If you want free music, record label websites are the place to go. The bands on Jade Tree are all very strange...and kind of experimental and noisy a lot of the time...but like Alkaline Trio and Strike Anywhere and The Loved Ones used to be on Jade Tree, so that should give you reason to check it out.

I feel like Alex when I recommend things. If you don't read his page, you should. I never look at anything he recommends, but that's just me. You can look at them and listen to the bands he talks to. I can't take any recommendations from anyone, though. I have to find things on my own because otherwise, I judge things. Like if someone tells me to listen to a band when I don't feel like listening to a band, I will hate them 90% of the time. Like when Brittney tried to tell me that The Hives or Motion City Soundtrack or H2O are really good...I didn't jump right to listening to them, they all had to come on their own time. Maybe I'm weird...

I've been dragging this out forever now. Let me just say that life is going to be okay for me and I'm doing better than I was last night. So don't worry 'bout me if you were.


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