Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm impressed

Okay, check this out. My lucky beret is amazing. Guess what happened today? Not only did the dentist show up, but they did all three of my fillings at once so I don't have to go to the second scheduled appointment. Not only that, but my fillings were so small that I didn't have to be numbed. So no needles in my gums and I got to keep feeling in my face. Oh, and then I got an egg and cheese McGriddle from McDonald's, which is always fantastic.

Skipping ahead a little, Brittney remembered Jason's Flogging Molly CD and I finished up the drums on our new album tonight! Now tell me this week isn't going completely the opposite of how last week went. If it really goes COMPLETELY opposite, then I have some pretty excellent things in store for the rest of this week (sex, sex, please let there be sex).

Anyway, jumping back to school. Today was the last day of the semester. I played Rock Band all third block and played an actual drumset for the second half of fourth block. Then I went straight to the studio after school, found that Jason wasn't there yet, went to Sheetz and got donuts, went back to the studio, listened to the amazing things I recorded yesterday, and then let Shane throw down some bass lines. Brittney, Belle, and I then went to Kauffman's where I bought a new drum head for my lowest floor tom because the old one sounds and is dead. So after buying that, talking to Mark and John, and eating at Taco Bell, we went back to Jason's where I put a new head on my floor tom and rerecorded a song from yesterday that sounded bad because of my dead floor tom. It sounds awesome now. And then I finished the rest of what I had to record for the album and I think I might be completely finished.

And what's awesome? It's supposed to snow tonight and we very well may not have school in the morning. Fucking awesome, huh? And Brittney has work off all week, so we can go into the studio any day we want. We're thinking about rerecording some songs off of our first album. I probably shouldn't release that information to the world, but if you read my blog, then I appreciate it enough that I'll let you know that. I'd love to give you all of the album details and shit right now because there's a lot to give, but I'm keeping most of it confidential.

Dude, today worked out like a wish list. I wonder if, now that I have my lucky beret, I put things that I'm looking forward to on my blog that they will work out! I'll try. I'm looking forward to:
-the possibility of no school tomorrow
-finishing up our album soon (is that too much of a long-term goal?)
-being pleasantly surprised (desperate hope...and are you able to look forward to being surprised? I'm just testing this shit out to see how it works)

So uhhh...if those things work out and happen, I'll be very happy. None of those are set plans for me or anyone in life and the one can't possibly happen in the span of one day, so I'm not going to be too upset if the outcome doesn't come as perfectly as it did today. But hey, I need to find some hope somewhere else in life. Hope is good to have, I've found out.

Shit, I spent money today, didn't I? Ehh, it happens. I'm probably down to around $265 now. I can live with that. Guess that's all I have on my petty life for today. Hope you gave half a shit about any of the things I said! If not, I really don't give a firecrotch's last blow job. I wouldn't ever give head to a firecrotch as it is, though. Oh well.


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la.belle.rebelle said...

School has been canceled today, so you got your first wish.

That's a step in the right direction, yes?