Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is the way it goes...maybe we'll fall in love when I get home

I've got nothing right now, so it should be interesting to see where this goes. Well because all of my blogging power was used on telling people to get to a show, I didn't report that we didn't have school and therefor, my lucky beret followed through again. We didn't have school today, either, so I slept until around noon and then went back to sleep on the couch for like another two hours. So needless to say, I'm probably overslept.

I'm not really happy with anyone right now and I'm not sure why. I'm not particularly angry at everyone, but I'm just very content not talking to anyone right now. I'm in one of those "I need to write a song because I've been saying I'm going to for months now" moods, but the only guitar I have here is missing the A string, so it kind of makes writing more difficult and I focus more on getting those extra notes in than I do on writing something that hasn't been written yet. That and I've listened to Alkaline Trio nonstop all week and all I do when I sit down is play a million Alk3 songs. On that subject, I adore Alkaline Trio, but I don't think they're the best band at writing songs when it comes to writing entire songs. For instance, "Calling All Skeletons" starts off with the catchiest vocal melody in the world, but it's kind of overused throughout the song and the rest of the song fails to match the amazingness of the verse vocal melody. Also, in the song "Love Love, Kiss Kiss," the bridge is just kind of weak. I get what they were going was like a climax where Matt Skiba (as opposed to Dan who sings the rest of the song) comes in and sings...but it doesn't really take the song any higher than it's already gone. So once again, I feel that they're not always top notch, but they definitely are amazing and even at their worst, they're better than most bands' best. Especially for a band on a major label, they keep it real.

Anyway, you won't care about that unless you listen to Alkaline Trio, which a lot of people don't. So I'll say something you might be more familiar with. Snow days. As I might have said earlier, this is our second one in a row. It's more like an ice day. Snow days are cool when it comes to getting to sleep in...but when there's no one to do anything with and no way to get to anyone to do anything with, they kind of just become a day of depression. Sure, the ice on the trees is beautiful and the snow looks amazing, but once they plow it and there's fucking brown snow everywhere, it's just ugly. And you can only contently stare at the ice on trees for so long before you realize that you're very lonely. And get this: even if I were at my dad's, my drumset isn't there because I'm recording drums this week (or I'm supposed to). I finished the drums for the new I Forget album, yes. You got me there. However, we're doing some older songs over again and I need to record drums for them. Also! Jason told me that his friend Steve "Jesus" needs someone to record drums for a CD he's putting out. So I said that'd be awesome. So I'm also keeping my drums there until I record them for an acousticy-pop-based album. Awesome.

Anyway, while that's all really amazing, I've got nothing to do at my dad's but play guitar, bass, and piano. Oh pity, huh? It is. I can't live without drums. I can, but it hurts, I should say. Everything hurts anymore...I want my lucky beret back. How could I have forgotten it at my dad's? I also forgot my acoustic with 6 strings. I'm a fool to think I could survive without those things. So I've been wearing my hood up and playing a 5-string. It's the equivalent of living off of Ramen noodles.

This weekend...what's going on this weekend? Okay Friday is the Flamingo Day party. Flamingo Day is technically today (January 28th), but my mom, for some reason, scheduled it for Friday. It was a good call, looking outside at the ice-caped roads. Anyway, I must explain what Flamingo Day is. mom hates the winter, she hates the cold, she hates the snow. She loves the warm, the beach, and the sun, though. Oh, and she loves flamingos. So what's appropriate? A made-up holiday in the middle of winter where we turn the heat up, raise the electric bill, dress like we're fucking from a Carribean island or some shit, and eat lots of fruit and chips and stuff (because drinking alcoholic beverages is bad). Oh, and we play music like Weezer's "Island in the Sun" and a bunch of other less-tolerable beachy-songs. So anyway, that's gonna be my Friday. Saturday I have no idea and Sunday I guess I'm going back to the studio! We have a fucking album to finish up. Have I mentioned that it's going to be the most I Forget-y album ever put out? It's very classic I Forget-like, but it's also very experimental. Not like tune our guitars to the key of shit and play marimbas and big African woodwind instruments, but's not your basic song structures and chord progressions and chorus ideas all of the time. Non-conventional in a lot of ways. Very un-I Forget in a lot of ways, too. It's gonna be good, trust me.

Okay, did I cover anything of any importance? I don't think I did. If I come up with something by the end of the day, I'll post another one.


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