Saturday, January 10, 2009

Passion before fashion!

My worries have only proven themselves valid. I'd say 95% chance Katie's moving back. We're going to make the best of it, though. It should all be alright in the end. More on that later.

I postponed my birthday party that was supposed to be today. The weather is supposed to be bad. It's like raining really lightly, but that's probably very prone to freeze on the ground. Also, The Upstairs needs to rehearse because they haven't in the past four weeks or whatever and this will give them another two weeks to fuck it up. The biggest problem right now is to store the birthday cake (ice cream cake), but Rod is taking it to Belle's house. I think it will all work out for the better in the end, it's just going to leave today plain and boring. And empty. I'll get over it. I was probably just going to bitch about Katie not being able to come the whole time, anyway. And then we'd have all watched Monty Python and played the drums and guitars when I don't want anyone to and wake the neighbors and smash my new piano and shit. If that happens in two weeks, I'm gonna kill a mo'fo'.

So my new profile song is an H2O song that features Lou from Sick of It All and Matt Skiba (from Alk3, duh) singing on it. It's badass. It's about music going to shit. It says shit like...let me get the lyrics...

What Happened? Lyrics
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When it began, for those who don't know
it didn't matter how you looked or what you wore to a show
dress codes, FUCK NO! we didn't care
about the brand of your jeans and all that shit in your hair

But now the biggest part is all about the image and not the art
Fashion before passion!
And at nights, it makes me mad that I should have to ask:
What happened to the passion? (passion!)
What the reason for screaming?
What happened the music and the message that I love?
What happened to the hard work? (hard work!)
And why does everybody look the same?
What happened the music and the message that I love?

And I know, that people change
and we go through different stages in life
and I'm not here to criticize
but the reason I scream, is a feeling inside

[and then it turns into an Alkaline Trio song, but with Lou from SOIA in the background and a really obnoxious snare drum when Skiba starts singing]

Lost (1,2,3,4) lifetime ago it seems
you gave up on your wildest dreams
but i refuse to let mine go
I took an oath, you can find me here
with an open heart and ears
refusing to surrender
I can't believe they don't remember
what it feels like to be young

Then there's another chorus or so thrown in there, but you don't need to read it more than once. I stumbled across it when listening to my iPod on shuffle. You see, I can now put on a bunch of music I've never listened to because my iPod is a lot bigger. But that one song really changed a lot of views of mine, or at least enforced some of the ones I had hiding. Fuck fashion, you know? This song just put it in perfect words.

Listen to it here:

It's called "What Happened?" Last song on that list.

That link won't work forever, I know this. It's also my profile song, so that might just be easier for you. Anyway, music with a message is the best. As Blake from Jawbreaker sings in the Jets to Brazil song (also on my profile), "All Things Good and Nice," To all the bands that mean what they say: it's not what you sell; it's what you make.

I paraphrased, so that might be off a little, but the message is still there. This brings me back to 3Oh!3: fuck you. If you had a message to convey, you wouldn't put an astric in place of a letter on the song title. Pussy bitches. This isn't a fucking radio station or something that has to go in a record store. This is your personal MySpace page. You're really going to edit yourself like that? What do you have to lose? It's not like parents that see their kids on that page aren't going to know what the "*" in "B*TCH" represents. You're fooling yourselves. And even if they were uphauled (I don't know if that's even right) by that, what's it gonna cost you? Record sales? More fans you don't need? Don't sacrifice a message (which I'm sure they don't have) in order to sell what you want. Fuck them to hell. I guess it doesn't matter what they call the song since they're doing it all for show and money.

And to The Dwarves: thank you for saying all of the things I wish I could say. I wonder if Tim Armstrong still talks to Benji Madden now that he dated Paris Hilton.

Let me put a picture up for you (if it will let me). Okay, let's see what bands he has on his guitar: Tiger Army, AFI, "Dropkick Marry" (I'm going to assume is another name for Dropkick Murphys because I don't know too much about them), The Casualties, MxPx, Mest, The Distillers, Green Day, Rancid, Nekromantics, and NOFX (I had to look at another picture to varify that one.)

Not that I dislike any of those bands (too much), but those are all commercial punk bands. I've heard of all of them many times and I'm sure you have, too. Not that I didn't see NOFX and Green Day in my lifetime or that I dislike Rancid or anything like that,'s kind of ugly radio image of punk. The Casualties are capitalist phonies (I'm rather sure of) and Benji is like best friends with Mest. Brody Dalle from The Distillers married the guy from Queens of the Stoneage (I think), AFI, Rancid, The Casualties, and Green Day are all on major labels (and probably some others that I'm not aware of). NOFX is independent, but they're the biggest independent punk band in the world, so everyone knows NOFX. Everyone knows The Dropkick Murphys. Everyone's at least heard of Tiger Army. MxPx was (I don't know if still is) a Christian punk band. The Nekromantics is about as qualified as you can go based on guitar stickers as Benji can be stereotyped as knowing a punk band that no one knows about. However, I'm sure a lot of people know the Nekromantics, too. I'm pretty sure they're one of the biggest horror punk bands out there right now. I just feel that I have to bitch about this. Benji used to beat up people that said he wasn't punk. Well I guess he's gonna have to beat me up, huh? Benji Madden, you are the farthest thing to punk rock on the planet. Paris Hilton? Fuck you.

I'm done bitching for now. Don't let Good Charlotte fool you, though. They've sold out in the most epic of ways. And that brings me back to The Dwarves again: thank you for hatin' on "Bad Charlotte."


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