Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm not here to deliver the news.

Tomorrow's the day. I'll be done recording drums for another fucking album. Thank fucking God. I had a very nice day. I'm excited to finish this album again. It's always good to like your band's music, which I didn't last night.

I'm still kinda wondering if I'm the butt-end of a joke or not, which isn't cool. I wish I was one of those super-people that could be happy regardless of what else was going on in life. I think I'll have to get cancer and survive it to be like that, though. Or convince myself that there is a god and that that god loves me unconditionally and that is enough reason to not give a shit about the circumstances in life because everything happens because he's trying to make me a better person. I don't buy that, though. I'm very set on making this week better than last week, though. I'd say I'll try to make it the best week of the year, but that'd be asking too much, I'm afraid.

Here's something really funny that Shane said today:

Man: Bitch, what's my name?
Woman: I can't remember! You're fucking my brains out!

Today was easily the most artistically productive day of the year. I'm trying to decide whether or not I want a Flip video camera. They look like this and they have a USB thing that pops out and is really cool:

They're like a really inexpensive yet very useful (in our Youtube-age) video camera. But then I ask often would I use it? It's not like I post videos on Youtube as it is...though I also don't have a cool camera to use to do that, so I'm trying to decide if this would be a good thing for me or an unnecessary thing.

I really need drum brushes and a new cymbal stand. I think I'll use whether or not Mark got that flat-screen computer monitor I told him to get (which I have to pay for). If he didn't get it, then I get to keep my $100 and I'll have more to throw at a Flip camera.

Girls I don't know keep adding me! Where are they coming from?! They're all really young, too! I'm 17 now and that's starting to become an issue. You know? It's not like I want anything sexually from any of these girls, but it's just kind of uncomforting in how they keep adding me. That's really neither here nor there, it's just happening.

Anyway, here's my year in review chronologically: Amazing, even more amazing, worryful, upset, hopeful, distressful, confusing, uncertain, and currently a little better. So even though it's been total shit recently, today was good and tomorrow's going to be good, too. You know why everything fell apart? I left my beret at Jason's house! Now that I got it back, I think things are going to turn around. The ultimate test is whether or not the dentist is there tomorrow to do my teeth and whether or not I finish the drums up. Oh, and Brittney has to remember to bring Jason's Flogging Molly CD tomorrow that I've continuously forgotten to return to him. If those three things go as planned, life is officially getting back on track. Don't let me down now.

Oh, and I had a birthday party last night. If you read this, you were quite possibly there.


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