Friday, January 9, 2009

You said "fuck you;" I wish that I could.

So umm...Votech post again. Today's a little depressing. Katie skipped school like a motherfucker (I'm glad I didn't bring her pineapples to school today). And then she's probably leaving tonight and going to her grandma's where she'll probably be forced to move back to Maryland for the last semester of school. I'm not looking forward to it. However, I'm going out to eat for my birthday again tonight. When you have a split family, you end up going to eat for your birthday a lot. I don't know where I want to eat yet. Anyone want to give any suggestions before this evening?

I found out that people gossip a lot yesterday, too. Very inaccurate information they're basing these rumors off of, too. I do hate that kind of shit. I wonder what they say about me....

I'm just full of good news! I was looking up all of the dead punk guys yesterday and there have been a lot recently. That Real McKenzies song "Droppin' Like Flies" isn't lieing. It's kind of depressing, but it happens. Lots of self-inflicted shots to the head and drug overdoeses in punk. Typical, I guess. Glad I'm not into shooting myself or shooting up.

I realized yesterday that I have gotten comments before, I've just never been directly notified by this blog. I thought I'd set it so that it'd send me emails each time someone commented me, but I had to stumble across them to notice. And yes, I spelled "latter" wrong. I can't keep them straight, but I'm working on it. I did try to think it through really hard before typing it, but spell check doesn't pick up on idiocracy.

Umm...speaking of idiocracy. Someone posted a bulletin saying "barrack gay" and then went on to spell his name wrong again and talk about gas prices (which have nothing to do with him) and how if he had more money, he'd raise the offer someone's made to kill Obama. So I told him something to the effect of "Wow, that was the most stereotypical and ignorant thing I've heard all year. Congratulations, you managed to insult gays while you were at it. I think so much more of you now." That might be exactly what I said. Anyway, he didn't reply to my message, he simply deleted his bulletin. I hate nothing more than people that know nothing about what they're talking about trying to talk about it. Like All Time Low trying to play "punk" music.

Ha. You know what sucks? 3Oh!3. I listened to a song of theirs yesterday on MySpace titled "PUNKB*TCH." I guess putting the "I" in there would have been in bad taste. What the fuck kind of musicians are we breeding? Grow some fucking balls and say a word as petty as "bitch" and don't be a bitch. Also, the song was bullshit. It was the worst. It was like fuckin' R & B/White boy hip hip/electronic/screamo/complete bullshit.

Fuck it.

Second block is about to start.


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