Monday, January 12, 2009


Something is terribly wrong with me. How do I know? The Green Day song "Good Riddance" was sad to listen to for the first time in my life today. Something is definitely up.

But nevermind all of that, I wrote an entire second blog yesterday on those feelings. I've really been writing a lot! Too bad I haven't really covered much of anything other than my personal life. In the spirit of that, let me list some things I like to do when I have nothing to do.

-Watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart online. I do this every day, pretty much, because I don't watch television and I go to bed at 11, when it comes on. So I keep up with the fake news by watching it online! I also watch The Colbert Report if I'm really bored that day.

-Read what everyone is blogging about. By "everyone," I mean that I read Brendan Kelly, Alex, and Belle's blogs whenever they post them. Their opinions are the only ones that matter though, right? Oh, and mine. I read mine. My opinion matters more than most people's. It's completely true.

-Play FreeCell. I play FreeCell even when I'm not bored. Hell, I'm doing it while I write this blog. I've done it so much that it's a mindless effort and I don't even realize that I'm opening the program when I do it. It's habitual. My win percentage at my home computer is 96%. Sure, I'm a sore loser and Ctrl + Alt + Del if I'm about to lose, but I've won thousands of games on my own, nonetheless. Great time-passer.

-Think about writing songs. I do this a lot, too. I think for a long time about how awesome a song I could write could be if I did it, but then find something else to do before the time to sit down and write it comes around. It's a good way to pass the days, too. Some might call this an extreme form of procrastination.

-Play various instruments. I talk about this enough for you to understand without description.

-Play Animal Crossing. I'd do this a lot more often if the Wii was downstairs and if my dad and Rod didn't watch stupid TV shows all of the time like Charmed or Battlestar Galactica or whatever it is.

-Go to school. I've spent a lot of time in school. I'm in school right now. I'm doing three of my time-passers at once! In fact, I need to go to second block right now.


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