Thursday, January 22, 2009

The world has turned and left me here

Just where I was before you appeared. You know the words, sing it.

Anyway, good news/bad news. Here we go.

First, the good news! Okay, so Propagandhi released their US and UK tour dates today. The US ones are the only ones that directly affect me. Guess where they're playing on March 11th? The Ottobar in Balitmore. Guess who's playing The Ottobar in Baltimore on the 12th? Dillinger Four. How fucking awesome is that? And guess who Propagandhi's touring with? Jade Tree Record's Paint It Black. I didn't even know Paint It Black still played together, but this is going to be fucking awesome.

So let's see, I'm going to see Propagandhi, Paint It Black, Ruiner, The Bouncing Souls, Dillinger Four, and The A.K.A.s within two days of each other. And tickets are $16 to each show. Okay, so $32 all together. That means it's a little over $5 to see each band. I can dig that. My biggest concern is that they're both on school days. Oh well, it's Propagandhi and D4. School doesn't have shit on them.

Okay, and the bad news! Uhh...this year continues to go either nowhere or get worse. Currently, I have no idea where I stand in life. That's worse than knowing if it sucks or not, I think. And yes, god, I still plan on posting that blog I wrote but haven't gotten to post yet unless you turn things around before I get the opportunity. It's not often that I change my plans or edit myself for circumstances, so feel special.

In further news, girls I don't want anything to do with keep trying to talk to me! AHHH!!!

And uhhh...I like to play the drums. I like to play them even more when I have drum brushes, so I'm excited for the day that I get to go buy some.

I'm supposed to go get my permit sometime this week. Umm, tomorrow's Friday. Doesn't look like this is the week for it, because I have to go to the office and pick up my form tomorrow, so my mom would have to come pick me up, which still can't happen since I have finals during 2nd and 4th block tomorrow! So this is even further shitty. Life, you are just a bowl of rotten apples.

At least I have you, blog, to tell my problems to. If it weren't for you, hell, I'd probably lose my mind. I'm already losing my mind, what am I talking about?

I have a birthday party this weekend. Umm...that's about all I have to say on that subject. And our president is still black!

So as it stands right now, I have very little to look forward to in life. I have a birthday party, and two days in March. I Forget is also playing a few times in February, so those should be fun, too. But as of right now? The peak of my year was definitely New Years day and like...what was it, the 6th and 7th? There have been three exceptional days so far this year and the rest have blown, or at least been weighed down by so much shit that they are left unenjoyable overall.

And here's where my real issue comes it worth it? That's been what I've been wondering all week and I really want someone to answer my question. Would I like this to be worth it? Well let me ask you this: would you rather be miserable for a few weeks only to be left more miserable or would you prefer it to end in something that is more than you could imagine? Of course I want it to be worth it. So uhh...I'm gonna see what I can't do about that. I'm inspired now. I have to go play some music.


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I fuckin' saw that a while ago!
I have no clue where they got that picture. Sumbitch