Friday, January 23, 2009


d00d, this week haz been like ttly awsum! && ges how it ended! well, let me tell u about it.

Okay, so this morning, I slept in. Uhh...I set the time on my alarm clock, but I didn't set it to go off. Wonderful. I'm great. So I called my mom and my aunt for like 30 minutes trying to find out who is still home and could take me to school. I had no luck getting ahold of either of them, so I decided to test my luck (which, at this point, seemed like a really good time to try that out) and walk up to my aunt's house to see if she was there. By "walk up," I mean "ran and then hyperventilated." So she was there. That was probably the first thing that has gone smoothly all week was my aunt being at her house when I went up to check.

So I sat down after I got there and caught my breath. And then we got into that wondeful van without any heat in it and we came out here to the VoTech Center in Keyser. And here I am! Most kids would have not bothered trying to get to school if they missed the bus or at least would have waited until their time at the VoTech was up and just gone to school when they would be returning from the VoTech, but no. I came all the way out here to Keyser just because I'm a good student. That, and I have finals next block. So I got like 5 minutes left here until I'm testing again. And then I'll go back to school, eat lunch, do nothing in Chemistry class (except maybe finish my lab report), and then test in fourth block. It's a very eventful day.

Bubbie is looking over my shoulder as I write and it's uncomforting. He's also reading outloud what I write about him. On that note, I think I'm going to go for now. I'll catch up with you later today, blog. Ha.


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