Saturday, August 1, 2009

No hernia for me!

I got a physical first thing this morning. So I've woken up in some unique ways this week. Once, it was riding the Dragster at 120 mph, once was running for 35 minutes in cross country, and now I woke up and get my balls felt by a grown man within the first few hours of being awake. I passed my physical as having no abnormalities. That's always a relief. Doctor asked if I'm sexually active. I'm working on it. He shouldn't rub it in.

I have an increasingly bad cough. I hate allergies or whatever this is.

So I went to Brittney's family reunion today where we all realized that I Forget all wears Nike shoes now. Sweat shop babies! Woo!!! I ate food. Apple pie is good. This was the first year in high school that I did not march in the Fort Ashby Parade because I'm officially not doing band. Wonder how this is going to play out with my dad.

After the reunion, we got Timmy from his grandma's house and then drove to Hagerstown to pick up Kaitlyn. Katie had left for the beach a few minutes before I got there, so I did not get to see her. Fuckin' horrible planning and timing we both have. I did buy a Paint It Black CD at the FYE there for $10 like I'd wanted to do, though. I did not get my hair cut today as I wanted to. Maybe tomorrow. Paint It Black are awesome. I went to Tim's afterwards and played a little Mario Kart and felt like dying. Then Kierston's grandma drove me to my stepdad's. What an uneventful-seeming eventful day.

Shane told me that 3Oh!3 is a joke band, basically. If that is true, then I'll see them as Larry the Cable Guy and be able to appreciate them a little more. Still not my thing. LMFAO, Millionaires, and brokeNCYDE need to fuck off, though. Music is dying and the corpses are mating. Bleck.

I wanted to go visit Katie on Monday but there are a lot of things preventing that including a mandatory meeting at the high school at 6 PM. Gonna have to work on finding time because this is a pain in the ass...



God said...

I was the one who told you 3OH!3 is a joke band. It was me!

kylewagoner said...

Shane told me, too! He told me and then put them on, so it was more memorable! Damn!