Friday, July 31, 2009

This is not a test...or is it?

So fuck. I keep getting hit with these things that I don't know what to think about. Firstly, Katie's all telling me she enjoys brokeNCYDE. What the fuck? Seriously, what am I supposed to think about my girlfriend liking the worst band in the world? She also cut her hair off. Not sure what to think about that yet, either. But probably most importantly is what I learned today.

Dead to Me has finished their new album. I know what to think about that bit initially, right? "FUCKING AWESOME!!!!" But wait, there's a catch. Jack did not record with them. What?! What is Dead to Me without Jack?! That's like Shane and I recording an I Forget album without Brittney. I don't get it! What do I think about that? Dead to Me is one of my favorite bands ever but...without my favorite singer? What's left? Chicken is fun sometimes but I usually really enjoy him when he's playing off of Jack's vocals. Now he's in charge of singing the very melodic things and...that's not what Chicken is really for. Also, their other guitarist Nathan is supposed to sing a lot on this album. I don't even know what the fuck he sounds like because he's never sang for them before. Seriously, this is like Brittney or Shane not being around and me filling in on half of the vocals. It's not the same. But hey, if we're gonna move to Maine and Shane doesn't come, maybe that's how it'll be for a while. But no, Dead to Me is even more different than that. Shane doesn't write that much in I Forget. Jack does. There's a very honest contrast in songs Jack writes and ones he doesn't. That element will just be gone unless he helped write these songs. Fuck kids. Who has kids? Brendan Kelly has a kid and he just recorded. Fuuuck.

That's all this week has been. Things I don't know what to make of. I know what to make of the show last night. It was fucking amazing and amazingly fun. I drummed 'till I bled and then kept drumming some more. That's what you get when you don't drum for...threeee weeeeks. Now I've got 4 bliiiiisters. And two on my toes. And that's what you get when you run cross country in Descendents shoes. Whoaa-ooooh-oh. That's a good rendition of Paramore, eh? It accurately described my last night and this morning. I bought running shoes after I ran. I get a physical in the morning at 10. Can't wait for someone to cup my balls. That's been on my must do list for like...ever. Fuckin' sports.

Here's how last night went first, then I'll get to this morning. Well basically everyone who reads this was at the show. First was a band called мища (pronounced mee-shah). They were like experimental thrash punk screaming something. Not something I'd ever just sit down and listen to, but I have the fullest appreciation for the emotion put into the music. Second was Fair Root. Just a guy playing drums (he had a clear acryllic Pork Pie snare drum just like mine) and a girl playing guitar and both of them singing. Most of their set, I was bringing drums in for our set. When they were done, we traded with the other guy that came from Baltimore and went on third. So we played like...this:
  • FCCK U
  • Get a Clue
  • for.the.$$
  • The Enforcer
  • I Hope You Take It Personally
  • (Prairie) Dog
  • Back Seat
  • Bulbasaur
  • I Love You (As a Friend)
  • That One Song
  • Jeeznips
That's about it. After us, counterfeitmatt played. I had to get home, but what I heard was awesome. Think early Against Me! anarcho acoustic punk before they were a full band and it was mostly just Tom Gabel. That's what it was like but with a harmonica thrown in.

This morning, I woke up at 7:25, drove to the middle school on a low fuel light, stretched, jogged down to the soccer field, and attempted to run with the rest of the team for 35 minutes around the soccer field. I pussed out at 15 and had to sit my ass down. I got up twice more to run around two laps each time but I think Nick was right in that I popped my cherry. Hopefully it'll get better from here as they say it will. After all of that, we stretched again and I drove home on a low fuel light. Then I went with my mom to get me new shoes and eat CiCi's for my cousin's fourth birthday.

Here's one more thing I don't know what to think about. Josh Freese is still touring with Weezer and drumming for them on most songs. That's so fucking weird. What's Weezer when Pat Wilson isn't drumming? I guess it's still Weezer...


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God said...

That whole Paramore thing killed me. I laughed pretty good, mhmm.