Monday, July 27, 2009

Cedar Piss!

I gotta get to bed soon because we gotta get up early enough to get into the park at 9 in the morning before it opens to the public! We're staying at a hotel at the park, so the guests get in early and can ride rides before the lines get to be a million miles long. I was up until 3 AM last night because Katie had to go to the hospital and I was making sure all was well. Needless to say, I was not up and at the park by 9. Being that I was at the park for at least 6 or 7 hours today and rode three rides, I think getting there before the rush would be a wise decision.

These goddamn roller coasters know how to drop you three hundred feet with style. The one here they said cost $25 million, which might not even be the most expensive one here. We're riding one first thing in the morning that shoots you off at 120 mph straight up (well, sort of straight up, but it spirals upwards) and then comes spiraling straight down. Whole ride is like under 12 seconds long. So uhh...that'll be fun. Standing in line for 3 hours to ride a 12-second ride seemed silly, though. Motherfucker has to be over 300 feet tall itself. Cedar Point knows how to build a roller coaster.

Lake Eerie feels disgusting on your feet. Maybe I'm not used to gooey mud and algae on my feet, but bleh. I'd rather swim in the cold pool. "Heated pool" my ass. The hot tub here is the temperature the pool should be. They actually have the nerve to call it a "spa." They also don't claim to have internet in their rooms here for whatever reason. Well I'm in my room and I'm definitely communicating via the internet, so that's flawed, too. Real go-karts are fucking amazingly fun.

Okay so I'm gonna maybe get to bed. Sarah Palin needs to get out of the earth. I'm still deciding whether or not to do marching band. The Weakerthans are playing DC the same night as one of the competitions, so I'm thinking no.


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