Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I hate finales. Scrubs. Fucking Scrubs finale. Who invented endings? They're terrible. So much change there at the end. J.D. leaves Sacred Heart to work somewhere closer to his kid. Why? Why would you do that?! Here you have your best friend, your happy workplace, your crazy janitor with no name, your smokin' hot girlfriend working with you and what do you do? You move 37 minutes away to be closer to your son who is a result of you knockin' up an ex. Great job. See, kids? Sex ruins everything. It not only ruins your life, but it ruins the lives of everyone who works with you, your kid, and everyone who watches your show.

But seriously, that whole thing it's like...I don't want to grow up. I don't want to waste any time in my life. I want to get married and have a family starting tomorrow and raise them right and find the right friends, live in the right place, work the right job, and live a perfect life while maintaining everything that makes me happy. Life's tough, eh? Don't you ever wish you were a moral-less cannibal that only cared about killing people and eating them? No love. No happiness. Just the needs to eat and kill to fulfill. Or you could be a tax collector and only have the same essential needs.

I've made a decision to move to Maine to go to school after I graduate. People who have agreed to come with me thus far are: Brittney, Tim, and Katie. The plan is to get an apartment and all pay for it together while we all enjoy the best years of our lives. And when we're done college, why not just stay up there? No reason to move back here. Our degrees wouldn't mean shit here. What's having an audio engineering degree gonna do me here in West Virginia? What's Tim having a journalism degree going to help him here?

Amanda apparently also quit the band, so that's further reason not to be in the band. I'm really, really leaning towards not doing band this year. Someone's yet to give me a reason why I should not quit other than the band needs me. Of course the band needs me. What's that matter to me, though? You know who needs me? I do. MY band does. Other people need me and the school band is going to take me away on many opportunities those people could have at having me. Fuck band. This last month of my summer needs me! I don't need band! I can play drums perfectly well without it. Trust me. I know what I'm fucking doing.

Computer just completely shut itself down to install updates or some shit. The dogs need to quit barking at nothing. I hate dogs sometimes. If a cat meows outside, all of the cats in the house don't jump out of bed and start meowing and running around. Dogs need to chill out.


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God said...

I agree! Fuck getting older! Fuck growing up! I'm going to be 22 in almost exactly 1 month and that is terrifying. I'm thinking about your offer with the psychologist. I will talk to you more about this when I see you tonight.