Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sily Goose! 2.0

Or maybe it's 1.1. Whatever. Brittney has asked where I get my movie leaks and she's going to physically be at my house any minute now but I'm sure she'll forget to ask and I'll forget to tell her and someone else here might want to know, but I tend to hear about movie leaks at Also, if you go to, you can find all sorts of leaks to all sorts of movies on all sorts of sites. A lot of them don't work in America, but there are usually so many options that you can find one that works for you. The movies at always work, though. They also leak new albums and entire discographies of certain bands. Unfortunately, their favorite people are All Time Low and Ollie Sykes because they're sceneass-kissing motherfuckers.

In other news, I can't find my keys still and I'm leaving for the beach early tomorrow and can't find my iPod. So what am I to do? I haven't completely figured that out yet, but it'd be GREAT if I could listen to my songs on the 8-hour trip. Peachy great. Brittney's bringing Mario Kart DS over here in a little bit for me to borrow for the week so I'll have at least something to entertain myself with. I think I'm gonna fuck bitches and get money at the beach.

There's this band from Minneapolis that recently signed to Fat Wreck Chords called Banner Pilot. Maybe you've heard of them. Kind of in the same department as Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads, and Dear Landlord. Anyway, they describe their sound as "If Jawbreaker, The Lawrence Arms, and Alkaline Trio got in a knife fight and Jawbreaker won...but just by a little bit." Well the band Jaws are described as "for fans of Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, and Lagwagon." So is the difference between Jaws and Banner Pilot the same difference between The Lawrence Arms and Lagwagon? I they just say Jaws is for fans of Lagwagon because their drummer used to drum for Lagwagon back in the day before he shot himself through the head. It was actually a little before then that he left Lagwagon and did other things like play for Jaws. Anyway, that's the tale of Derrick Plourde. Crazy bi-polar alcoholic punk drummer. Drummed for Lagwagon, RKL, Mad Caddies, Bad Astronaut, The Ataris, and Jaws. Killed himself in '05.

I Forget has confirmed the show at The Warren on July 30th. We're playing with...Fair Root? We rarely know anything about the bands we're playing with. Maybe one day we'll play with The Lawrence Arms, Lagwagon, Alkaline Trio, and Jawbreaker (if they get back together). Or we could settle for Banner Pilot.



Alex said... I'll have to check it out.
Have fun at the beach!

God said...

Thanks for that link it had been eating me up inside! Oh, and of course I know "Sorry About That" is an Alkaline Trio song. That's why I titled my blog that. It's a great song and it also applied to what I was trying to say.