Tuesday, July 7, 2009


First and foremost, go listen to the new Cobra Skulls album. http://www.punknews.org/bands/cobraskulls

They are, as I always say, the lovechild of Dead to Me, Against Me!, and Tiger Army. (The three me's.) Alex should like that description. He likes them bands purty good.

So I got into some manual labor today! Put my ass to work in the hay fields and unloaded probably 6 or 7 wagons of hay! Woo! Tone my scrawny muscles right up. I been workin' and liftin' a lot of stuff lately since moving in to my mom's and I like it. Feels like I'm actually doing something when I'm actually doing something instead of sitting at the computer all fucking day long. At the end of the day, I'm tired not only because I've been awake for too long but because I actually exerted myself that day. I felt a little out of place going into a barn filled with rednecks wearing skin-tight plaid pants and a matching Paint It Black t-shirt. They appreciated the help, though, and were very thankful and respectful which is all I ever asked from anyone.

I went to Hagerstown this morning in an attempt to see Katie but someone overslept! No matter, I went to Hot Topic and FYE there and found some good shit I want to get. Hot Topic had Propagandhi's Supporting Caste on vinyl, and the same for Alkaline Trio's self-titled album, Alkaline Trio's Agony & Irony, NOFX's Frisbee (the alternative title to Coaster since vinyl records are closer to frisbee-sized than coaster-sized), Green Day's Kerplunk and Dookie, some Minor Threat, Tim Barry from Avail, and just some other cool shit. They had some alright CD's there, too, but I was mostly interested in the vinyl records because you never see those. FYE there had Paint It Black's New Lexicon which makes me want to return to the store with money and purchase it. Both stores had Gaslight 59 Sound which I intend to buy one day. Oh, and FYE had all sorts of good Alkaline Trio shit including the Goddamnit: Redux, the Crimson with bonus shit, and the Alkaline Trio album. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Since my dad took my laptop, I've been dying for some Alk3.

I then went to Cumberland and drove the car to Dr. Searles' office 3 hours early. I tried finding someone that'd come get lunch with me, but no one was available, which is just sucky. So I didn't have lunch. Dr. Searles showed up a little after 1 wondering what I was doing there and let me in. I proceeded to sleep on his couch waiting for 3 PM to roll around. Then I talked to him about my dad! He's my psychologist, after all. He just assured me that my ideas here are reasonable and I'm the sane one and everything I've said in my blog about it is probably accurate. Whatev. I gotta look for the keys to my dad's house or else I'm not gonna be able to get my drums on Thursday for the show we're playing! We're probably playing The Warren on July 30th. Woo!!!


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