Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nothing goes as planned

All my shit just got erased and now I have to type it again.

Anyway, the whole concept and album cover that I showed you before for our album may very well have to be scrapped. You see, Megan resized the picture before she sent it and doesn't have it in a high resolution anymore, so we can't use that. So now we're toying with some other ideas that don't involve blending a bunch of pictures together or anything like that but is still good. If anyone out there has or know someone who has an album art concept sitting around, we'd be more than happy to at least consider it.

I love how Helen K comes here and posts comments now. It's like she's trying to bring BSC here or something, but I think I come up short of Brendan Kelly. I almost feel like I'm what she has to read while Brendan is away whether it be to go to Florida or Wisconsin or wherever. I can live with that, though. If all of Brendan's followers also followed me and only posted on the weekends or when Brendan was away, I'd be more than okay.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. What's here now is that we need to get an album cover and some art done very soon. Here's all that we need:

-Album cover
-Back side of album cover insert
-CD design (as in what is on the actual disc)
-Back of CD case (where the barcode and tracklisting and shit is)

That's a lot of shit to get together, though I'm not sure if we're really going to finish up the album right this minute. Still, I get so jealous when bands on Fat Wreck show the album art like 3 months before the album comes out. AND they show a tracklisting. I couldn't put our songs in the right order for this album right now if I had to. I don't know how they're going to transition. I wish we'd have recorded this whole album in a week instead of over the past...8 or 9 months. We went in in like October or November to start recording and now we're here. We're like GNR or The Offspring or Green Day or something.

Oh, so maybe you were wondering what I decided to do yesterday? I went to Ridgeley to meet up with Nick and Timmy for fireworks or what have you. I really felt like burning a flag now and then just for the sport of it. I wish I'd had a big boom box and could have walked around playing "Fuck the Flag" or some shit. Or maybe "Stick the Goddamn Flag Up Your Motherfucking Ass You Son of a Bitch" or whatever order the curse words come in that title. Regardless, I don't get teary-eyed on independence day. Maybe I should be more outwardly thankful but it's like...come on, everyone is kissing so much ass. Anyway, about yesterday.

So I tell Nick about my sexual excursions because I don't always get a chance to and he loves it when I do that. A thing he often says as I describe past events is, "God! I've got a boner right now!" That's always brings a profound sense of satisfaction. I did get ahold of Katie yesterday. We called her while walking to Cumberland. She says her dad never came to pick her up but her stepbrother offered to bring her out here today. So today I can either see her if and only if she comes OR I can catch up on some sleep since I had to wake up and go to church this morning. Yawn. We'll see how it turns out. I'll believe she's coming when I see it. If I finish up this blog soon, I'm gonna sleep then.

So uhh...fireworks, fireworks, screaming kids, fireworks, oozin' ah's, boom, boom, boom, fireworks, God Bless America, good night. Right? Isn't that what this country is all about?

Is there something else I wanted to cover? If you haven't noticed or I haven't announced it yet, I officially have 10 followers on blogspot now. And you can buy I Forget merch at

And love your parents. Especially if they talk to you. We may or may not have a show this Thursday at Salvation Army but Shane's being a wiener about it. The only show we had lined up has been canceled beacuse a fucking fire marshal closed down the venue and then the authorities wonder why kids get involved in things they shouldn't. I hate this bullshit.


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Alex said...

And now a merch store!
I tell ya, a tear came to my eye when I saw the design I copied from Michelle and put in shirt design form.