Saturday, July 25, 2009

No time for the ol' in-out, love. I've just come to read the meter!

Okay, so maybe a quickie after all. July 25th. I don't care how off the hours on the blog is, it's July 25th right now. A little while ago I obtained a girlfriend by the name of Katie Mullan. As I said to her after she said "yes," IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! How long have I been writing about her? Since probably my third or fourth blog post, I'd say. I do believe the first time her figure was mentioned was on December 8th. That's a long time in pursuit, eh? Of course, there was quite the detour when she moved away in January and I saw her however few times and all of that you can read back on but here we are. Finally paying off, eh? Brittney and Britnee were so happy for me. Britnee couldn't refrain from typing with the caps lock key on and making me feel very scared. All is well that ends well. So yeah, as I said in a bulletin post, we cared about each other very much before we even pushed this boat into the water, so let's see how this motherfucker floats!!!

In other brief news, I've decided to quit band. I texted Mark Gauthier and he said that he sure hates to see me go but he definitely understands, told me to keep playing and that I could call him if I needed anything. Thanks, Mark. You really have meant a lot to me and to my inspiration for playing drums over the years. I would not be where I am today without Mark. So I'm sorry to leave him with the rest of the band, I'm sorry I can't enjoy my time there with him, I just feel bad for doing this to him in general, but I am very thankful and I'm so glad he's understanding. And if I have any say in it, I'm going to be playing drums until I die.

In even briefer news, I Forget will now be available to play fall dates. Hooray! No football games or competitions! Now if I could just break this all to my dad and find the cross country sign up sheet. Cedar Point with Tim, Jim, and Alex on Sunday! WOOO! WOOO! WOOO!!! Mario Kart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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