Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to the grill!

'Kay, I've kind of been slacking here on this blogging thing a little in the past few weeks because I've been doing shit and adjusting to moving back to my mom's and all. Well enough of that shit! I stay up 'till 4 AM every night, so I think I can find some time to rant a little here and there. Well I've got quite the topic to talk about today! How about...I Forget's new album? I Forget in general? Okay, everything I Forget.

So Brandon Irwin, David Irwin's brother, designed us a website today. You can find it at for now, but we're going to get a domain name soon. I'm not sure why he wants to do this all for us and buy us a domain name when MySpace is free and much more frequently used, but this is all him. He can do this for us if he wants. It's pretty much just gonna be where all of our stuff on all of our sites are easily put together. Like one page has all of our Youtube videos, it'll have tour dates, some extended info on each of us, and whatever else. Song lyrics. So like, when we make our new album, it won't say "Go to our MySpace and read the lyrics in a blog post." It'll say "Lyrics at" That's way more badass. But yeah, we're cheap and we're not gonna put all of the lyrics with the album. We're doing System of a Down's Steal This Album! approach and just giving a link for the info. Which brings me to the next part of this! The album art and shit!

Okay, so! I have been trying to get my album concept across for more than half a year now and to get it made so everyone can look at it and marvel at my genius. Well it's changed here and there. It was initially going to be drawn by Michelle like our last cover but she never got around to it and I got tired of waiting, so I got Megan Green over and we took her picture. She recently sent me the pictures and I made a rough concept of how the final one will look. Now I'm still new to Photoshop and all so I really can't make the finished product on my own. So! Britnee gave me one of her friends to contact who is excellent with Photoshop. Makes fucking amazing shit with it, really. Just take my word for it. Anyway, here's my shit rough copy and he will make this amazing. Keep in mind, we still need the caller on the other end in the picture and the background image here is stolen, so I'd like to somehow get something in the back that is legal to use since we're already ripping off Beyonce and Destiny's Child and the Blackeyed Peas on the album.

So there it is! A rough version of our new album! That being posted, here's a rough tracklisting! In no fucking particular order!

1. Is Your Mom Still Around?
2. Dog
3. I Hope You Take It Personally
4. Bulbasaur
5. When I'm With You
6. Jeeznips
7. for.the.$$
8. Not for Resale in California
9. F.C.C.K.U.
10. Flannel Shirt
11. Back Seat
12. Perfect Day

We're sure on like 1-3 and 12, but everything in between is up in the air on order. "Is Your Mom Still Around?" isn't a real song. We might scrap "Not for Resale" and do some acoustic song about religion that Brittney shit out. It's fucking mighty. Everyone will know all of the songs on the album before it's out because we've played most of them live before. It'll be really fucking good, though.

Umm...Brittney quit her job at ACS, I moved out of my dad's house, and Shane has a girlfriend. I Forget has gone through some drastic changes lately, as you can see! That probably means our next album will be a prog country hip hop album after this one. No but seriously, we listen to a lot of Alkaline Trio and Eminem anymore, so keep that in mind if we start sounding different.

I told Sean from Toys That Kill on MySpace IM the other night that I play in the only pop punk band in West Virginia and he goes "The one that plays 'Bomb Sniffing Dogs?'" I said, "Yes!" That is fucking us! That's kind of amazing, eh? So though I didn't get to go see him and his band play at Insubordination Fest, he knows who my band is, which is very satisfying in itself.

Anything else I Forget-related? Fuck you, I'm not telling you anything else. I told you pretty much everything about our new album here. Go get a new hobby.


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Alex said...

Holy Shit! Can you send me your rough copy just to play around with on Photoshop?