Friday, August 7, 2009

Yeah, so what?!

I've not written in 4 days, but what's it to ya? How the fuck do you follow that last one up? "Yeah, well you see, my girlfriend joined the Navy today. In other news...well, fuck. That sucks, doesn't it?" Well here's a logical follow-up. Katie is going through with this. She really went to whatever city in Maryland and did her testing, her physical, and was assigned where to go. I didn't talk to her yesterday, the day before, and have you to hear from her today, so I really don't have the insider's scoop. Last time I spoke with her was after she did the testing and she scored better than the rest of the girls. She seemed irritated with me that day, so I've backed off. We'll see how we're doing later today, I assume.

So here's my bad follow-up. I guess it's like gonna be the Green Album to Pinkerton in comparison. Well, maybe not. This is kind of awesome. So Alkaline Trio are recording with Matt Allison again. That's the guy that did their first couple of records and also records with The Lawrence Arms and shit. Producer from Chicago. Very cool. No, fucking amazingly cool. Do you know how good the records he puts out always are? They're fucking amazing. Goddamnit? Oh! Calcutta!? Maybe I'll Catch Fire? This Sinking Ship (I think)? Come on. Their new album is just gonna haul some major ass and that's all there is to it. It'll make Agony & Irony look like the Green Album and this will be up there with Pinkerton, I'm almost positive. Maybe that's not as exciting to everyone as it is to me. What if I said Matt Skiba's going to do a solo album with Asian Man Records? Would that excite you? Well consider that I just said it, because I just did.

Hey Blair, FUCK YOU for telling me Alkaline Trio is lame and un-legit. You can pick on me for some things but Alk3 is like...making fun of a crippled. You just don't do that without looking like an asshole. Come on!

In further news, I've been running cross country for a week now and's alright. I think it'll be enjoyable. No band. I'm home now. No 50-pound drums are on my shoulders. I'm laying down instead of standing straight up with my feet and heels together in the middle of a field with the sun beating down onto me in my shirt and shorts giving me a fucking retarded farmer's tan. Nope, I'm laying in my bed typing right here. And here in a minute, I'm gonna go grocery shopping. Tim will be here at some point to finish his work here. My mom paid him $100 yesterday. Good workin' kid he is. Everyone's just getting more physically active, it seems. Let's review:

-I run every morning (and sometimes in the evenings) for miles
-Timmy comes to my house and does manual labor
-Brittney is playing basketball regularly
-Shane still goes to the gym very regulary
-Katie is joining the motherfucking Navy

Those are some major calories if you put them all together, I'm sure. If Katie does this and we're still together through it all, she's gonna come back and she's gonna be able to kick my ass all over the place. I guess that means I have to keep myself in shape through it all. I guess it's a good thing, though, that we're all at least trying to stay healthy. Especially since most of us believe that when we die, it's over and it'd probably be best to stay here as long as we can and be healthy while we're doing it.

We were supposed to have played a show last night but as I had the feeling, it went terribly wrong and didn't happen in the end. Long story, I guess. Everything is a long story. I've been talking to this girl named Alex who is always at local shows and was wearing a Cramps shirt when we played Salvation Army and I told her about the show yesterday and she came with a couple of her friends and what happens? Well nothing. Show can't go on because Jason forgets things and didn't remember us confirming that we could do a show. So we all ended up going out to eat Denny's. It was me, Brittney, Shane, Timmy, Alex the boy, Alex the girl, Amanda, and Alex the girl's friend Kirby who also comes to see us a lot. And we ate cheese fries and drank water because we're collectively poor. Brittney needs $280, so if you'd like to donate to the Get Brittney Some Money Because She Overdrew Fund, please do so. I'm getting her $70 today if she comes over while I'm here.

Anyway, I'm kind of tired because I've been waking up at 7 AM. I have to wake up at 6:30 AM on Monday and get to the middle school by 7. I'm not looking forward to that. I'm gonna run a 5K race tomorrow. That's 3.1 miles for the metrically challenged (like myself). Once again, to the religious ones, pray for me in that and for Katie and I to be alright through this since my regular readers should have a grasp on just how hard, persistently, and thoroughly I've been after her and how much she means to me. Anyone have any stories about people they've known going into the military and how often they get to see them? I'd like to know what to prepare myself for.


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Caleb Davis said...

As far as seeing Katie, the Navy really sucks for going on leave. After boot camp, you normal do your A-School (job training) right after. Once you're on a ship, then going on leave is very rare. It's not like the Army where you can just take a flight to the local airport and fly back to the states. In the Navy, the ships come back to port every 6-8 months depending on deployment shit. Even when they come to port, they could be in other States, even Countries. To be honest with you, seeing Katie is going to be very difficult and frustrating.