Sunday, August 30, 2009

College English!!!!!

Here's my prompt: describe a time you effectively communicated with someone.

Umm...what? Here's what I'd like to write: One time, I told a guy to pass me the ketchup...and he did. The end.

How do I write a full page on that? How do I start to write a full page on that? Now if you remember last year's English class, I did not ace essays. Ever. Just not my forte. Tim just gave me a great idea. Here's my wing at it:

Communication is an undeniably essential part of every day life. Without communication, there would be mass hysteria--cars crashing into each other due to lack of understanding what other drivers intend to do, kids starving due to parents not understanding their need for food, etc. Not all communication is necessarily vital to maintaining life, but can supply simple relief from everyday boredom and monotony.

To give you an example of casual and effective communication, I will recall my first day of College English class. The teacher looked less than ten years older than me and was wearing a peculiar-looking tie. He looked like "some dude" to me that appeared to have just gotten out of college and was starting his career. However, as the introductions and work died down, the teacher asked me if the band on my shirt was still playing together. "Yeah, they actually just finished recording a new seven-inch," I said. Multiple forms of effective communication can be found in this story. First, the t-shirt I wore allowed the teacher to know that I know who The Lawrence Arms are. Second, I effectively answered his question, though it was not at all difficult to get my message across. The conversation continued on and covered our mutual liking for bands signed to Asian Man Records, but more importantly the conversation gave me, the student, and Mr. Presnell, the teacher, some common interests to build on for the rest of the semester.

As the story shows, effective communication can lead to potential relationships between people. Perhaps the teacher knows of a lot of bands that I like but I would not have ever known of the possibility of that had we not effectively communicated on that first day.

Man, it kills the fuck out of me not to curse and to break up "I'll" and "wouldn't." I put this here so I can go get on my mom's computer, copy it to Word, and print it. See, I'm on my brother's computer because my dad still has mine and my brother's don't got Word! WHAT?! Yeah. Fuckin' sucks. Anyway, there was my more-or-less improvised essay for all you blog-readers. Now go suck a nigga dick, son. Oh, and isn't it weird how much Brendan Kelly affects my life? He's way more qualified to be "God" in my life than any organized religion's god.


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