Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hold the lettuce!

Rumor has it Katie's supposed to text me today explaining what went on last night. Apparently Ginger was not told to call me or say any of those things and was probably just being a dumb drunk bitch. I'm awaiting my text message, though. We'll see where this goes. Hopefully this relationship doesn't end up like Thorns of Life, who just broke up before they even recorded an album yet they were highly anticipated. That was to be Blake Schwarzenbach's (ex-Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil) new band and I was stoked, quite frankly. So once again, hopefully Katie will explain to me that all is not doomed? And again, we'll see where this goes. We should count the number of times I've said "we'll see" in the last 20 posts. Anyone want to for me?

I really want a job and a credit card because right now I need drum heads and CDs and no one sells the ones I want except for sites online. American Steel and Cobra Skulls please! And I can never remember what the kind of drumhead I want is called. I just looked it up for reference. It's called an

Evans ST Dry Coated Snare Drumhead.

Don't forget that, either. That's obviously very important. See, I need that for when we record again because my snare head is like dead and spray painted and stupid.

Who's excited about school on Wednesday? Anyone? I'm particularly not thrilled about long days of school directly followed by running for an hour and a half. At least I won't have to ride the bus this year, eh? Always look for positives. And I watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies this week now! Just finished the third one a few hours ago. As I said when I saw it for the first time years ago, the end is dragged out far too long. It probably could have ended 30 minutes before it does. I think they should have an extended version with all of that conclusion bullshit so it's optional. Once the ring is destroyed, who gives a shit, right? And I forgot to look and see if Frodo was still missing a finger in the end...

What should I watch now?


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