Saturday, August 22, 2009

MAN, that was a bitch move!

Oookay, so I'm pretty sure I just got broken up with in a very unique way. I guess it's unique. I don't know, you be the judge. So anyway, as I was saying earlier in a blog, I haven't heard from Katie in a few days and I was sorta worried about her because she usually doesn't disappear to this extent for this long. Well I tried talking to her on AIM as I do every night just to see if she's going to be there and a few minutes later, Ginger calls me from Katie's phone! So I think "Oh! Maybe Katie can't text me, so she's calling! It's about time I hear from her!" and I answer the phone and someone being a bitch, Ginger, is telling me, "This is Ginger and Katie's my girlfriend and you should quit texting her and sending her messages and get the hint that she doesn't want to talk to you." Some shit. Man, I'm not even upset because that was just like...someone removing a bullet from your body you didn't know was there. I'm almost relieved. But fuck, man, what the fuck was that? When did that happen? Like less than a month ago, she's all excited and loves me and is happy to be my girlfriend, two weeks later, she's joining the Navy, we quarrel a bit, but get over it and hope to make it through all of this together, then I don't hear from her for a while and it ends with this phone call from someone that's not even her! That's a unique way to die, Mario. Fuckin' Goombas.

So anyway, I don't really appreciate being treated like a little bitch and being strung around, which I said to her the other night since I hadn't heard from her and just wished she'd return a text now and then...and since this happened, it gave me incentive to say "Tell Ginger I appreciate her calling and being a bitch for you and I wish you'd have done it yourself about a week ago."

Damn! Okay, I feel better now. Kind of a disappointment...I was looking forward to all of that and I'd kinda put a ton of effort into making that work, but I guess it was a dud. Next!


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Alex said...

Haha, "whoops".