Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sorry I'm late...you know, I was out spoiling my liver.

The sun was up for far too long today. I was up until 4 and then got up at 7, went to the school, and ran up the hill next to the high school baseball field 8 times. Good way to start the day! Then my Lawrence Arms shirt was just drenched in sweat. Just drenched. Felt like I'd gotten that right out of the wash. Yum. That's labor, my friends. Baths feel sooo good afterward, too. Running is kind of something that...I don't know if you get lost in it, but when it's over, you just feel like you pulled off some crazy feat. Whatev. It's a weird thing.

I have been sitting here for hours trying to come up with material. How about this...umm...what's everyone's views on...evolution? I watched Idiocracy last night and it was more on de-evolution where intelligence failed because intelligent people don't have kids or at least not 8 kids. Okay, for those of you who haven't seen it, which I've found out is a lot of you, Luke Wilson (the actor) is picked for this top secret government project to be used in an artificial hibernation thing or whatever you want to call it and they were going to put him and this prostitute they got in these cases for a year and let them out and see if they were preserved. Well Luke Wilson was picked because he was very average in like everything and had no immediate family or anything. Thing was, the project was shut down before it was carried out and because it was top secret, the people that came in and destroyed the building didn't know about the project, so they remained in their cases for 500 years and a Fuddruckers was built ontop of the place. Well as the years progressed and people got stupider, the language lessened and Fuddruckers ultimately became Buttfuckers, which I thought was very funny. Very funny movie. Anyway, Luke Wilson ends up being the smartest person on earth because everyone has grown so stupid. Excellent point done in a very humorous way. They quit drinking water and it was replaced by a product called Brandow which is like an energy drink or Gatorade because the company bought out like everything. Also very funny and satirical. Good movie.

I'd like to hope that doesn't really happen, but look at how we're trashing the language and education as it is. I saw a commercial for the Jay Leno Show today where he is with a girl on the street and points to an American flag and says "How many stars are on that flag?" and she says "I can't count them. It's moving too fast." I mean, haha, funny, she's an idiot. At the same time, not funny. She's a full-grown woman and doesn't realize that there is a star for each of the 50 United States on the fucking flag. Every 2nd grader in America is supposed to know that. If this is the face of America, if this is the future of English, if brokeNCYDE is the future of music, then I'm out, man. It's something you can laugh at now, but in 5 years, this shit will become the norm and you'll be finding chatspeak in first college essays, then textbooks, then dictionaries, and then legal documents. Who's to say? It's far too tolerated. Same goes with the music. It's funny a little bit at first, but when bands like brokeNCYDE start popping up everywhere and start selling music and reaching Billboard Top 200, it's not as funny anymore.

On a brighter note, I'm following everyone in Alkaline Trio on Twitter where they post pictures and news about their new album now and then. Totally stoked for this. I've never been this prematurely stoked for an album. I usually at least know the album name first, but then again, I dunno. I'm stoked, though. Genuinely stoked. I've been watching Youtube videos of new songs they've been demoing to crowds on their most recent tour. At least bands like Alkaline Trio still exist who can write good songs. And even we in I Forget are trying our best to write good material and not conform with modern pop punk or crunk or any of that shit. Oh, and Alkaline Trio is the only reason I keep a Twitter at this point.

Who is spreading the word about I Forget on Facebook? We keep getting more "fans" and I'm not doing shit. I added people like once. I don't know most of the people on there. We're up to 126 which isn't bad considering...like I just said, I haven't been doing shit. That and there's really nothing to see there on our Facebook page. I'm hoping to get our music put up there, but I'm too lazy to do the verification thing. I can't wait until we start touring and once we get our new album finished. I wanna send demos to some clubs in Baltimore and maybe Pittsburgh where we can get a few hundred people to come see us each night. That'd be sweet. It'd be even cooler if we ended up opening for a band we love. I don't know how all of that works.

Okay, that kind of concludes all of this. I watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back today and I wish there was a place people could train to be Jedi Masters. I wish I could wear a Yoda on my back while at cross country.


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Alex said...

Your first topic about running reminds me of Christopher McCandless who, while he was a cross-country captain in High School, urged teammates to treat running as a spiritual exercise in which they were "running against the forces of darkness ... all the evil in the world, all the hatred."

And believe me, I've been waiting for the Jedi Academy to open back up again ever since I've first seen the movies. That and I'm still waiting for my letter to know I've been accepted into Hogwarts.