Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've seen better days

Okay, I saw Inglourious Basterds yesterday with Brittney, Shane, and Timmy. Fucking. Hilarious. Brilliant. Absolutely magnificent. Best movie I've seen in a good while, I think, and I've seen a lot of movies recently. I don't know, I guess it's hard to compare movies. I recommend it 300%, though. Brad Pitt was everything I was hoping for and then some. Man oh man oh MAN! And it was beautifully historically inaccurate (they shoot the living shit out of Hitler in the end).

Now onto bigger and better things! I came across, what we would call, a "poseur" today. And hey, fuck spell-check for telling me I spell "catalogue" incorrectly. That's how I spell it. Anyway, I go into FYE because my dad was taking Zane to the mall to get new shoes. I wanted to see if, by chance, they decided to start stocking American Steel, Bracket, Cobra Skulls, or anything else worth buying. Well, I was let down, of course. However, while hunting for American Steel, I saw a kid picking up the new Against Me! album, The Original Cowboy. "That's a really good one," I said to him, "I've heard it a few times." "Yeah, I like them. I actually going to go see them this summer, but I went to the Warped Tour instead." "Oh yeah?" I said curiously, "Who were they supposed to be touring with?" "Rise Against, I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was Rise Against." I walked away, because I knew he was lying to me. He also thought I'd buy it because I was just a kid wearing a red t-shirt saying something about a 5K race, black cotton sweat shorts (Against Me!-esque pun intended), and my Nike running shoes. WRONG. I know better. First off, I know that Against Me! and Rise Against haven't toured since I've been following either of their music, to my knowledge. Secondly, I know that Rise Against was not touring with Against Me! but rather Billy Talent and Rancid this summer, seeing as I saw them personally. Thirdly, I know that Against Me! wasn't even touring this summer. This kid was also obviously lost because he was debating on whether to get the new Against Me! album, As I Lay Dying, or some other metalcore album. ...Excuse me, what? Not even worth talking to. Next.

Messaged Katie on AIM today. "Are you there?" "No." "Fair enough."

Man, I have just been leaving out one little detail about the present. TOMORROW IS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Fuuuuuck, man. However, for me, it is my last first day of school. Does that make it any more tolerable? Probably not. But! we'll take what comes and stick it out to June or late May. I haven't even thought about what to wear! Oh no! What are the people I've known my entire life going to think of me?! Guess I'm just gonna ruin first impressions, eh? Oh, and if all works out, I'm seeing blink-182 and Weezer on Thursday. I will be very, very upset if I don't, seeing as I've wanted to see both bands for quite some time now and tickets were $70 to see them. We just gotta find a way to get to Camden, New Jersey. Grrrrrr.

I'd like to say I have more for you tonight, but I don't! Oh, I did hurt my ankle again today at cross country. I hope it gets better and I don't end up being out for the season. Tomorrow, if you're lucky, I'll tell you all about my last first day of high school. I gotta start going to bed earlier now...


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Alex said...

I got put in the fuckin' second lunch!


That sucks about Katie, man.