Monday, August 3, 2009

Your Ass Aint Laughin' Now

I absolutely need the new American Steel album in my possession. It's probably the best album I've heard all year and I've heard the new Propagandhi album and Anti-Flag and...lots of shit. That song "Safe And Sound" is just a perfect song. If it were played on the radio, I would be able to stand it being played every 5 minutes. It's that fucking great every time. It's one of those songs with a minor feel in the verses and then a very powerful and very major chorus. Fucking incredible. And the whole album is just like bringing old American Steel to new American Steel and throwing some Alkaline Trio in there with it, which is just fucking great in my opinion. Goddamn I'm listening to it now.

Well like I went to Hagerstown, as I think I said in my last blog, and they didn't have it. I got Paint It Black, I think I said. If I didn't say that, then I'm saying it now. I'll have to order it straight from Fat Wreck, I guess. I don't think I'm seeing Off With Their Heads because see, I'm trying to change the day I see my dad from Thursdays to Tuesdays because I Forget tends to play lots of shows on Thursdays and my mom is busy on Tuesdays as it is, so it'd make sense to change it. Well August 18th is a Tuesday, so I probably won't be able to get out to Baltimore to see OWTH on that day now. Bummer. I don't really care but I do. I've seen so many great bands this year already. Some of my absolute favorites. I really want to see American Steel, The Lawrence Arms, and Against Me! now. OWTH is like on my secondary list. Whatev. I'll see them one day because they never quit touring.

Much like Brittney, I got my hair cut last night. It's shorter than it's been in probably almost 8 years. But hey, it feels nicer when running and any other time and it grows back...but I'm not sure if I want it to grow back or not yet. Hair used to be like my way of telling the world to fuck itself but I think my statement is over and I don't care what it looks like as much anymore. I mean, the world can still go fuck itself, but my mouth can more easily express that than my hair can. Everyone's hair is long nowadays anyway. Fuck it, ya know?

So anyway, I ran again this morning. Cross country is gonna be alright. Katie's gonna run cross country for her college team because they're paying her $1,000 to do it. Wish I was getting that for doing it. I'd buy a car. Maybe a new drumset if not that. I have almost half a thousand right now, though. Anyway, running is alright. We didn't run in circles around the soccer field and there were actually a good many people there this day. I'm not the only new kid, so that's always nice. And our first meet is in Clear Spring! That's like 5 minutes from Williamsport for those who don't know. That's where Katie lives, for those who don't know. That makes me happy. The fuckin' marching band wouldn't be going out there. And I'm not on a fucking field setting drill right now, which is just awesome.

Oh, I watched a little bit of footage of the band on Facebook and the drumline sounds good. That makes me feel so relieved. I didn't want the band to fall apart without me, which I was afraid of. They'll hold their own. Good kids. Some of the kids in band were at cross country. Even one girl in drumline was. That kind of makes me feel guilty but fuck it! It's my life. I'll live it how I want. And I really need the weekends since I have a girlfriend who lives an hour and a half away and has college five days a week. You understand. I've got summer homework I need to start doing soon....


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