Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who knows who Kyle Wagoner is? Okay, then I wrote this.

Does your Christmas tree look perfect this winter? You're a poseur if it does, I hope you know. Real Christmas trees look like shit. Fake ones look like pine trees. There's a very fine line. Maybe you have a real tree and it looks nice? You're still a poseur because you either went to a Christmas tree farm or spent an entire day in the woods looking for the perfect tree. If you're anything like my family, you went next door, cut down a bunch of shitty pine trees in a field, picked one that looked the most like it'd hold Christmas bulbs and feed the rest to the goats. That's OG.

If you say "poser," you're a poseur. Poseur.

You know what's disgusting? The Country Club Mall in LaVale. I'm assuming that most malls are just as invested with disgusting poseurs of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I saw some shirts at Spencer's that made me sick. Like this one that said something about a punk princess or some shit. What the fuck is a punk princess? Show me a punk song that says something nice about the phrase "punk princess." I did see a Bad Religion and a Dead Kennedys shirt and a guy with a million bolt piercings in his face with an orange over-thing on that had a Exploited thing on the back and some Anti-Flag patches and something under his over-thing that said "Fuck You." That might be a little punk...and there was a girl with an idiot son of an asshole hoodie on and NOFX patches on her purse. Those are all good punk bands or whatever, but I was sold when I saw the guy with the Descendents shirt on that was from a tour they had and I'd never seen before. I couldn't remain stagnant and had to run up to him in Walmart, take off my shoe, and tel him to check it out. I wear Descendents Vans, by the way.

On a side note, I hate when people try to tell me that Three Days Grace is a good punk band.

You know what's really punk? The Dixie Chicks. They are some brave motherfuckers and for that, I give my full respect. What else do I think is punk? Here's a list.

- Signing a guitar signed by someone famous.
- Killing cops. (or mall security guards)
- That time Shane told off that bitch woman when we played at the Coke Plant.
- Songs about how much Jesus sucks and isn't real.
- Patrick Costello.
- Superdrag using their money from their label to make a very un-radio friendly album.
- Playing in shit and killing yourself on stage...not really.

I obviously don't know what punk is at all or what I think punk is. But I know that punk princesses and Bratz dolls aren't punk. I know that Punk Goes... albums aren't punk at all anymore. I know that AP sucks most of the time and that Warped Tour is full of shit and Hot Topic is another corporation with just another target audience. I can totally see why some girls I know make their own clothes. If I had a sewing machine, I'd do the same thing. Going to DEB yesterday made me sick.

So if you're a punk poseur or a gangster poseur, a rock poseur in a poseur rock band, or any other sort of poseur, be yourself, please? That's like the key to life. Don't compromise. Someone will love you for exactly what you are and if you like someone who doesn't, then it's not worth it. It's okay to like different things, it's okay not to like certain things. I think Coldplay is an excellent band. So what? No one's opinion is going to change my mind. I like that Jonas Brothers song "Love Buzz." So? I think it's a good song. Thoughts about The Jonas Brothers won't change my mind about that, either, because I probably hate The Jonas Brothers more than anyone reading this, I'm just comfortable enough to admit that I like a song by them. And I like the song "Someday" by Nickelback. If I can say that I like a Nickelback song, I think you can be yourself. Wearing your belt backwards doesn't make you special, by the way.

Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) once said, "If you want to be like me, be yourself." You might think he's as demented as the next man thinks, but he's got a great philosophy that everyone should follow regardless of everything. Believe what you believe, like what you like, oppose what you oppose, but also learn as much as you can about everything you draw an opinion about. That's my preaching for today. I'm gonna try to hang out with the "scene girl" tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


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