Saturday, December 13, 2008

My band is famous because our lead singer is a crack baby

Did you read my last blog entry? As I was sure was completely possibly of happening, neither of the possible plans for the day worked out. No I Forget playing and no Step-Brothers watching at Jimmy's. Instead, there was shopping. Lots and...well, not that much of shopping. I got a Fender '51 Precision Bass, though. That's exciting and worth mentioning, right?

So I'm a bit of a narcissist, I'll admit. After taking a few weeks of Marketing class, everything I do is applied to selling a product (seeing my Marketing class teacher, Mrs. Gurtler, at Walmart today didn't help that issue). By that, I mean that when I talk to someone, I try to remember that I'm trying to sell my body, basically. Every time I interact with another person, I'm being a prostitute. No, but I do remember that talking a lot about myself and not letting the customer be involved can lead to them getting pissed off at me and/or get bored with me. So the girl that keeps coming up in my blogs and I talked last night around midnight, I'd say. I apologized for only talking about myself and then I talked about myself some more. I'm wonderful. So she eventually said something about Paramore and liking them and I was like "Yeahhhh...I don't want to talk about what you like," basically. Of course, I didn't say that or really mean that. All I meant was that Paramore is not my thing. But it wasn't very smooth of me, I must admit. So what did I do with my free time today? I listened to Paramore. [-.-]

But you know, I don't really feel so bad about not liking them so much now. You know why? Because I am a boy. Boys don't like Paramore, almost by rule. I realized that I don't know a single boy that likes Paramore. I know a shit ton of girls that like them, but not a single guy. Why is this? Well, simply because Paramore is targeted to teenaged girls. It's true. Sexist? Maybe. True? Definitely. I'd love for someone to give me a list of 5 boys that like Paramore.

Okay, here's why, now after listening to them, I'm not a huge fan.
-All of their songs are depressing, man. |:(
-All of their songs are depressing
-They did a song for Twilight (also a chick thing, I think)
-Did I mention their songs all sound depressing?

I think you get the gist of that. Biggest thing...why can't you write a happy-sounding, upbeat song now and then? Not even their singles are upbeat, except maybe the one, but it's not real real upbeat. Also, I kind of hate how all of the songs have that annoying like...echo-y random diminished chord guitar picking. You know what I mean? The ones that just make you uneasy...

But I'll be straight with you on everything else about them.
-The vocal melodies aren't BAD
-The music is, for the most part, pretty alright (other than a lot of minor keys all of the time)
-The drummer seems pretty solid
-I don't pay attention to the rest of the music

Overall? I'd pick them over Kelly Clarkson or most things mainstream? At the same token, I was very happy to listen to The Living End directly afterwards.

Do I think Paramore is a bad band? No. Do I think people shouldn't call them "pop punk" ever? Yes. Good thing is that I don't think Paramore ever call themselves pop punk. Call your band "pop punk" and not be pop punk, I will hate it.

But enough about Paramore, I don't care enough about them to keep writing about them. So my friend Alex, who reads this (and is probably one of the very few that do), has been convinced by me to start a blog. Why do I think blogging important? Because Alex and I have a lot to say (or in my case, enough to say to last about 3 blogs and then I start making shit up) and people need to be exposed to our minds! I think anyone that feels that the world and society need some change mentally should write a blog, write a song, or get their message across in anyway possible. You know what's beautiful about blogs that separates them from say...punk songs? Blogs aren't a genre, so "3 chord songs are shitty," etc. aren't valid arguments here.

Enough about blogs now, Christmas is coming! You know what that means? I'm sure you do, and I'm not going to try to be a smartass and use recycled derrogatory statements about how Christmas is just a marketing stunts and it's filled with fat men and the midgets that follow, etc. I am going to say this: I'm probably getting like 5 gifts this year. Let's review: a couple CDs, a new iPod, a minifridge, a Monty Python DVD collection, and that Fender '51 P-Bass I got today. That's probably going to be about it. As I went to Walmart and found the things I wanted, I realized that they were ALL over $100. I hate asking for that kind of shit. Let's do a Mastercard commercial.

Fender '51 P Bass: $650
16GB iPod: $200
Flip camera: $127
Minifridge: $105
Having the nerve to ask for that many fucking expensive things: priceless?

I didn't even ask for the camera. I walked towards it, caught it's price tag, and then acted like I wanted to show my dad something else I wanted. Expensive little shits.

My balls itch, so I'm gonna go.


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