Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here's something uninteresting: December 27, 2008

Well yesterday was pointless...the yesterday that technically ended 12 minutes ago. I guess I learned a little bit of piano and bass, whatever. I feel like I'm getting better somehow on both, so that's worth living a day. I hadn't realized that Alkaline Trio had an excellent drummer until just today. Interesting. I might have to listen obsessively.

Brittney and I decided not to go to the studio tomorrow with the drums and shit (which have been sitting in pieces in my basement for two weeks now so that I wouldn't have to take them back apart for the studio) and so we're going to rehearse at home. Great. That worked flawlessly. I've been not drumming for two weeks because I thought something was going to happen that's not going to happen. Oh well. I still have drums and I am thankful. So we're gonna finish writing our album tomorrow and then record it probably sometime this week. So yes, I'll have to tear those fucking drums back down. I hate drums.

Katie agrees with me that The Notebook didn't have a sad ending. I said that it had the happiest ending possible and that's why that one doesn't make me cry. I guess a perfect ending is worth crying over, but I was so set on not crying watching a woman with Alzheimer's that I didn't let it slip for being a beautiful story. Very unrealistic love-wise, though. Well, maybe it's possible but this world is fucked for love, it seems. Where are the original emo bands when you need them? Blake? Ian? Rivers? Are you there? We need some songs about real emotions because our world and music scene are both fucked.

I don't know if I've said this or not on here, but like vintage emo = fucking awesome. Emo is supposed to mean "emotional" as opposed to "emotionless rockstar cockhead mentality," and not as opposed to "music not about cutting yourself." Fuck you, Hawthorne Heights. You ruined emo. And I don't give a fuck if that guy died, I still say you destroyed emo. The fucking Starting Line and My Chemical Romance didn't really help matters much, either. Not that I have anything against them. Why can't good music stay underground? Hmm? Keep it sacred. You're pouring the holy water into the mainstream! No!!!! Fuck, look what you did, Green Day! You made All Time Low like fourth-handedly. And YOU, you reading this. You're the one that buys those fucking horrible records. Pinkerton beats the hell out of any modern emo album. Listen to some fucking Jawbreaker. You ruin fashion, you ruin music, you ruin art, you ruin the scene, you ruin the earth. Fucking emos. You give the original emos a bad face. Emo used to be so punk! Fucking Fugazi! That's like the child of Minor Threat! You guys can blow me.

You know that NOFX "It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite"? Something like that. Well it's not just Fat Mike's job, it's everyone's job. Even if you don't like punk, it still applies. If you don't like punk, then that's all the more reason to leave it alone and not try to call your shitty band a punk band. Go stomp some scene band CDs in your local record store. Burn the Punk Goes Crunk shelf to the ground. And fucking Punk Goes Pop 2 is coming out this year. Haven't they realized that all of the punk bands on those comps have abandoned ship? Scary Kids Scaring Kids? Forever the Sickest Kids? The Maine? What the fuck are they doing on any comp labeled as a "punk" comp? Fuck you, Fearless Records. You're all ruining everything. I wouldn't hate your shitty band if they didn't call themselves a punk band. I've been over this. I don't hate scene bands until they shit in my house and don't flush and empty my fridge. You ruin everything. Ruin your own crowd. We should all be ashamed.

So maybe it's not as big of a deal as I'm making it out to be...but I think it is. Okay, so scene bands still beat the hell out of Nickelback, right? I'd rather listen to Mayday Parade than Daughtry. But...Daughtry doesn't claim to be punk and does nothing to any punk crowds. I have seen punk kids lost to the scene! Fuck them. I could go in circles for days. I really need to put out my compilation so I can quit talking about this. If I finally do my part, I'll feel better.

Goooood night a-ding-ding-ding-ding. FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE, ZERO!


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