Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ear canal-al penetration?

No post yesterday. My mom's computer failed epically and by the time I got back to this computer, I'd forgotten that I wanted to post something. But I'm here now because we have a delay in our school day.

About that, I could write about how much I'm pissed that we have school at all and about how I should be sleeping my two extra hours now or at least be doing the work I have for today or finishing the book I have to read by 4th block, but instead, I'm here. Am I happy to be here? Yes and no. Do I think there's reason for us to go to school and not have the day off? Sure. The roads aren't as horrible as I thought and was hoping for last night. They were bad last night around 9:30, but somehow they've decided to thaw during the night or something. Am I thrilled about 4th block? Fuck no. I have lots of shit to do for that class and frankly, I don't feel like doing it at all. And I'm not going to do it at all, I don't think, yet.

I'm installing a desktop alarm clock because I'm planning on going to sleep on this couch because all of my stuff for school is down here. It sounds like a fire station siren when it goes off, so I think it'll do the trick.

Not much to say at this moment other than the girl I write about and I had a nice chat last night. I asked Timmy if it seemed too easy and he said no such thing. I completely agree with that, actually. I think the only times that relationships ever have a chance is if they take no effort to get started. In my experience and in my observations, at least. The whole...working to get a girlfriend thing never works. At least some good pop punk songs have come out of the concept though (i.e. At the Library - Green Day, Knucklehead - The Sheckies, every Bracket song ever, I Love You As a Friend - I Forget, etc.).

I'm totally going to sleep here on this couch once I post this. I don't care about world affairs right now because I'm tired. I need to develop a better system of finding out what kind of delays or cancellations we have. I had to walk around the house to get downstairs in the icy snow, fire up the computer, and wait for everything to quit lagging to find out if we had a 2-hour delay or no school at all. Bull shit, I tell you. Is it better than listening between Nickelback songs on GO106 for cancellations and delays? It's arguable.

Sorry I've been writing next to nothing this week. I'll improve eventually. Too bad I don't care that much if I write a certain amount. I care almost as much as I cared about TRL's final episode.


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