Monday, December 22, 2008

If I could, I'd give you my socks

What's more purposeful than going to school on a Monday before Christmas break when there's no school any other days that week? It was less eventful than the last day of the school year. There was something like 185 absent when the day started and I'm sure even more left after they realized that no one was at school and nothing was going to go on even if they stayed. Here's how my day went.

There was a 2-hour delay and no reason for it other than I think the school board wanted to try everything they could to get less school for today. If it'd have snowed in the least bit, I'm sure they would have called the whole day off. So anyway, I woke up at 8:31 (that's when I set the alarm because I figured I'd want to get ready before going to school the next day) and realized I didn't care if I was ready, so I tried to sleep again. So I got up at 8:47, went and got tea in the kitchen trying to draw no attention from the guy in my kitchen making it look pretty who I don't know. So I went to the basement to wait for school and there was another man in my basement who was quick to say that I have nice band equipment. I guess he assumed I had guitars and basses elsewhere because the only stringed instrument in the basement was an acoustic and the only other guitar was my Norma which is currently not a stringed instrument or even an electrical instrument. It doesn't work at all and serves no function, basically. So I sat through the man measuring my basement and had some nice short talk about how I sometimes sleep in the basement and yes, it's very cold when I do. So he left, I pet my cat, and caught the bus. No one was on the bus that I wanted to have anything to do with. Typical for nonsense school days.

I got to school knowing that I wasn't going to go to first or second block because of the policy someone found that was made up like 10 years ago about how VoTech students don't go to the VoTech during 2-hour delays. So I got 1984 off of Nick and started reading it again since it's been like 3 years since I last read it. I sat and read for an hour and a half waiting for lunch to come around. So lunch comes and I realize that the only friends of mine that came to school were Nick and Jimmy. Super pointless lunch for a super pointless day. Then I went to Advanced Chemistry. You'd think that in an advanced class, you'd do something even on off you wouldn't. And we didn't. We watched Mythbusters while the teacher tried to sleep. Then we went to either a basketball game with the seniors versus the teachers or to another room for those that aren't school-spirited for fourth block. I was in that room avoiding the basketball game. Luckily, the teacher supplied us with watching Grease, which I haven't seen since I was probably 6. I actually knew what was going on this time. Good music, needless to say. Then I went home with more people I didn't care about being with. Wonderful school day. I kept asking people throughout the day who had done any work. One person said they'd made up a test. Tomorrow is ISE day...which is intended for kids that have things to make up to come in. So today was officiallly pointless. At least it was 2 hours shorter than normal, I guess. I'd have gotten to go to McDonald's and get a McGriddle if it was 2 hours longer, though.

Wonderful school day. Enough of the bitching. The girl I've been talking to came with us to the recording studio yesterday and then to my house to watch a movie with us afterwards. According to a recent bulletin she posted, she's maybe interested in someone. I'm hoping that she means me. That'd make my year worth the while. Fuck that, this year has been great aside from romantic relationships, so I should suck it up. However, it WOULD make this year all-around awesome. If not now, then maybe it can give next year an awesome kick off.

So I'm definitely looking up to everything coming up. Christmas is in like..what? 3 days? That's fucking awesome. My birthday is, in turn, coming up in 13 days. What's not to be excited about? It's not like someone's broken up with me within the past 5 months...or the past 10 months, for that matter. It's also not like anyone's been with me for over a year, but at least there's nothing I'm mourning over and being a bitch about. It's a fresh start to things, I guess.

So I'm at Jim's house with Caleb right now. Nick, Belle, and Tim already left because they are all bitches. Each and every one of them. Oh, Shane was writing songs about his dick last night. That was new for me. I've never heard Shane make up a song with words. That's probably why.

Anyway, I'm at Jim's waiting to play Wii soon. I guess the typical Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. I'm getting the new Animal Crossing for Christmas, which is going to be amazing. Did I mention the '51 bass? I think I did. It's going to be a good time. Oh, and I'm just forgetting what I was writing because I was talking to Jim and Caleb about The Living End....oh well.

Here's a list of bands I don't care about because I've been meaning to do that forever:

-Nickelback (an old stand-off)
-Hinder (Nickelback)
-Staind (Nickelback)
-3 Doors Down (Nickelback)
-Three Days Grace (not a good "punk band" whatever you try to say)
-Third Eye Blind (Nickelback)
-All Time Low (not pop punk)
-3Oh!3 (I've never listened to them, but I still don't care at all about them)
-The Maine (" ")
-Hannah Montana
-Guns 'N Roses
-False Alarm (That band that Fat Mike was in before NOFX. If they were anything like early NOFX, they blew and I don't care to hear them)
-Insane Clown Posse (hatchet in yo titty!)
-Metallica (even if they've done something for music, I don't care)
-Hawthorne Heights (kind of killed emo forever)
-every band that sings about Jesus being real and important
-Tokio Police Club
-Avenged Sevenfold

That was an awful list and I'm not at all happy with it, but whatever. You get the point. There are lots more and I don't always have a reason for not caring and don't care if they don't fit the descriptions I gave them. I just don't care about them. Do I really need a reason not to care? I think you only need a reason TO care.

For the record, Christmas Eve is the day devoted to saying "Christmas is really close!" and saying that about Christmas Eve is a waste.

My font changed, whatever. I copied and pasted and now it's arial. I don't care. Maybe it won't even turn out looking different and you won't know what I'm talking about. I still care about you as much as I care about The Naked Brothers Band falling off of the face of the earth.

I'm doing something tomorrow, that's all I'm going to say from now on. If I make plans and announce them, they don't happen, so I'll just tell you what happened when it's over.


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