Friday, December 19, 2008

Journal X

Everyone is doing school work here in the computer lab except for me. I can't be arsed to do work at this time of the year. I had more donuts this morning and an open-book test. And now they expect me to work? Ha.

This really is my favorite time of every school year. The week before Christmas break. Everyone's carefree and it's not like it's the end of the year where there are lots of sad people and a huge feeling of relief, it's just a nice "hurry up and get your shit done before you forget it all within the next two weeks," kind of thing. No one cares that much of where you are and what you do during school. Everyone's happy because they're gettnig presents the next week. The christians are happy because their savior thousands of years ago around this time, so they say. It's nice.

Now, I know not everything in the world is nice. Yeah, lots of bad choices were made and/or bad luck came about and now there are lots of families that don't get to have an enjoyable Christmas. And Bush is trying to pass all of these policies before he gets out of office as a good-bye middle fingered-wave. Thanks, asshole. We hate you, too.

I finish up recording drums next week, we finish writing our songs that should have been finished months ago, we rush to finish an album by the middle of January. Professional recording at its finest. That's I Forget for you. I'd like to believe that we will one day have an album worth of material that we all know how to play well before we go into the studio. It'd make things a lot easier on everyone. I'm not supposed to tell anyone that we have an album coming out soon because it's supposed to be kept a secret to the general public, but if you're so lost that you're reading my blog, you deserve to know what's going on.

You know what you should do if you have a controlling boyfriend/girlfriend? Break up with them. They suck. Trust me, they do. You might be all like "But he/she loves me!" Whatever. You'll thank me one day if you take my advice. Would Louie Armstrong keep an abusive girlfriend? I think not.

So Alex has been writing political blog after political blog and I've only touched on my personal life for the past week. You know what's really cool about that? He does the dirty work for me so I don't have to talk about politics all of the time. If this girl moves away like she might, I'll join him in politics again, but right now I'm soaking up some good time feelings. Besides, Alex has had a girlfriend forever, so he's had time to get over the initial "This person makes me happy!" and get back to writing about things that matter to the world abroad. Fuckin' A, Alex.