Monday, December 15, 2008

If a group of people try to beat me up, they'd better kill me because once they're done, I'm going to kill every one of them.

Shane had me watch a bunch of videos on Youtube of Black Sabbath, but mostly just Zakk Wylde being an ass and talk about being good at eating ass. Then we watched some people break their legs, arms, and their nutsacks open and then we watched some bird get killed by cars, baseballs, golf balls, and tennis balls and some deer get hit by various motor vehicles. Overall result: the feeling of being a real man.

Okay, so "Sabbath" has some significance in this post. I didn't post yesterday. Why? Because it was "the Sabbath day." Fuck that. The real reason was that I was doing something productive for once in the past few weeks, so there was no time for blogging or bathing. We're gonna fucking finish recording this album by February even if it kills us. We approximated having close to 15 guitars and basses all together amongst the three of us (Shane, Brittney, and I). I guess including Belle, it'd make 16.

I'm writing this from the VoTech. I'm in between classes and we get 20 minutes to do anything we want. This will probably shorten the length of this post for sure.

I was thinking about making two posts today: one for yesterday and one for today and after about 10 seconds of thought, I said, "Fuck that. To hell if I really feel that I have to write one post PER day." Who's dictating this? No one, it's just me. I'll post whenever I want and hold myself to no standards. I was told that I sounded sexist in my last post. Whatever, I since then have found ONE guy that likes Paramore and I've yet to find a guy that really has an interest in Twilight. Which brings us to today's topic:

Twilight is disgusting. It's like...death to literature. Must every art be reduced to mediocracy and bullshit? Sure, putting Nickelback on Radio Disney wasn't enough. We now must make the top selling book a book about a girl who wants a weird controlling boyfriend and all of those words that people use that I can't recall in times like these being rushed. Anyway, long story short: good vampires don't suck blood, only bad ones do. Does that make any sense? Where's the logic in that? They're not mosquitos in which case the mothers suck blood to give nutrients to the babies or whatever. This is like saying that only white men shit. I don't know, I haven't read the book, but I've read enough bad reviews and heard enough bad reviews to know that I'm probably not missing out on much. I don't really read much literature as it is, but I still wish that that art would hold its own while the rest of them fall. Come on, people. We have access to the entire world. We should know what art is by now.

Second block is starting, I have to go.


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