Thursday, December 25, 2008

Post my ass.

So the girl I talk about a lot in my blogs now knows that I write about her because I told her. That might make me sound like a creeper or some shit, but I explained it in a non-creeper way, even if it's not a creeper-like thing to do. Anyway, now that she knows that I write about her, I'll go ahead and say that her name is Katie because it is. We like each other. Weird, huh? It happens, I guess.

Anyway, that's looking good. Christmas is today and I'm sure many of you got lots of presents. Not to downsize anything you might have got, but I got a new iPod, a '51 precision bass, and a fucking electronic piano. A piano. Fuck me. $3,200 piano. That's my Christmas/birthday present and I'm not going to complain at all. My dad is insane. Oh, and I got 29 hours and nine minutes worth of Monty Python DVDs not including extra material, Lagwagon, Dead to Me, Off With Their Heads, and a Jawbreaker CD. I'm into sweaters and got a few of those, as well, but there's not much to talk about on that subject.

A $3,200 piano! For me! What the fuck am I going to do with that? I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm gonna bring it down to the basement with the rest of my expensive instruments and I'm going to play it every day like the rest of my expensive instruments. Where does my dad get this kind of money? Aside from physical presents, I've received close to $200 so far this holiday season. I say this far because 1.) my aunt is coming over in a little bit for dinner and 2.) my birthday is coming up soon and it's a holiday, too.

My new iPod is very cool. It's a 16G iPod and I'm sure it'll do the trick for fitting all of the music I want. There's a lot of shit on my computer that I don't care about being always available for me to listen to (i.e. Atreyu, 30 Seconds to Mars, Chicago, Teal Steel, etc.), so it should fit everything I want. It's got some cool features, like when you turn it side ways, you lose your place because it shows album art (which I don't have on 98% of my albums). So either I'll figure that out or it'll be a wasted feature for me.

Enough about what I got. Let's think about what poor people DIDN'T get! Okay, you done? Glad I could say the same thing your pastor says every week. Speaking of which, church last night was grueling. Who the fuck goes to church on a Wednesday night (especially one that doesn't believe in jesus or any religion)? Fucking waste of my time. Good job, I care just as little as I did before. I'd rather have shot a hole in a rabbit's head, and I'd never want to do that.

So why haven't I been posting this week? A couple of reasons. For one, I've been without a computer for a good bit of the time, for the time that I am on the computer, I usually talk to Katie about being alive and what that entails, and it's more interesting than talking to myself on here, frankly. Sorry if that offends you, but you guy(s) suck at feedback. Do you really blame me? Hmm...I could talk about things that annoy me and about liking or a girl, OR I could talk to a girl that I like about things that annoy me.

I kind of throw this whole thing around like it's a beach ball at a Nickelback concert, but this is significant. How often does ANYONE find someone that they like for who they are as they are and get the same back? Why compromise what you are and what you want when you can find a loophole that is exactly what is, or at least seems to be, right for you? Drive around the mall and park near JC Penny when you want to go to Sears or have someone from Sears bring the stuff to your car for you? It makes too much sense, and for that, I should be and am very thankful. Do me a favor and if you find someone that loves you for exactly who you are, cherish it fully. Whether that be a boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/sister/brother/dad/friend. Whatever. It's healthy and it's good to be surrounded by people that compliment you physically and figuratively.

I'm pretty sure I've tried to make that same speech like 3 times this past week, so there's another reason why I haven't been posting. Nothing to say, no reason to write.

Did I mention that my dad wants to take me college shopping before? Fuckkk. College. The last thing I want to think about aside from getting old and dieing...and maybe getting a job. I have no idea what I want in any respects. Well, I do, but I don't know how I'd incorporate college into the mix. I want to be in a long, healthy relationship and to keep playing with I Forget and enjoying my life for everything it's worth. I don't want to move away from everyone, I don't want to stay in this area, I don't want to ask everyone to leave with me if they don't want. It's very complicated. I assume I'll find a local college and go there so I can stay with the band and formally educate myself. I don't ever know what I'm gonna do about the long-lasting, healthy relationship, but I've never known what to do about that, so that shouldn't be a culture shock.

I'm being called to eat. Peace, assholes.


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