Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your best friend is not your girlfriend

I mean that in an "It Hurts" kind of way. Any of you Angels & Airwaves fans would know that. Speaking of which, anyone heard the news about the blink-182 reunion? YES! IT'S FUCKING TRUE!

BLINK-182 ARE REUNITING (as presenters at the Grammys)

Yeah, isn't that a horrible case of blue balls? Fuck...but at least they're working together as friends again. They said there's speculation of a reunion, but they have to become stronger as friend and as musicians writing together than ever before before they start up again. In other words, they have to fall in love again before they get married. If blink-182 can get back together, ANYONE can get back together. Jessica and Nick, Benji and Paris, Caleb and Elisha. (hahahaha not funny.) But seriously, this is kind of inspirational if you care...makes me wanna...wanna I don't know. It's awesome, though. I want to have sex to the idea. I just want to have sex, who am I kidding? In a week, it'll mark 17 months of abstinence! Hoo-fucking-ray! *puke*

No, but seriously though, this made me very happy to hear about. Hopefully Mr. DeLonge is finished being a pompous frontman asshole and will start writing music on a plane that people care to listen to. hahaha, I'm funny tonight, I think. Dude, if Tom will start talking to Mark and Travis again then maybe....I'm not going to say it. hahahahahaha, once again, I'm not funny.

I probably shouldn't say certain things outloud, but I can't help to think them and want to verbalize. Posting this blog is probably going to ruin a lot of shit, but I'm laughing at me being an asshole right now so much that I don't care. Okay, Katie, if you're reading this and are saying "The fuck if I ever talk to him again, he's an asshole," then you're probably right, but uhh...I'd be glad to talk to you again anyway. I never realized I could apply an Angels & Airwaves Tom v. Mark/Tom thing to this situation. hahahaha

Okay, I'm digging my own grave at this point. Some positive things that won't get me in trouble! Uhh...this is tough. I haven't had a horrible week! Uhh...I'm feeling really fuckin' good about I Forget's next album. Uhh...I'm playing with a new band tomorrow after school and we're gonna see how we work together as musicians. Uhh..uh! Uhh...will someone make a Wikipedia page for I Forget? I could supply you with all of the information. Even if it said "I Forget is a pop punk band from Fort Ashby, West Virginia." and then listed our members, it'd be fine, I guess. I'd just go in and elaborate, even though that's illegal.

I just brought up a good point to Jordan when talking about I Forget and Freak Scene making it one day, hypothetically. I said that you don't even have to [necessarily] get signed anymore to "make it." Isn't that kind of very fucking awesome? Metric is self-releasing their next album as are many other bands. However, they have more capital than a band such as I Forget, but who said we pay to record? hahahahaha, I didn't say that.

I should stop talking now before I tell you even more classified things, like describing my penis or something else you don't need to know about. My cat is going to destroy this fucking basement.


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Alex said...

The Caleb and Elisha bit was pretty fuckin' hilarious. In fact, all your "hahahas" really did it for me today, haha.