Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kill them all and let a Norse God sort 'em out!

So okay...this weekend was fucking epic. And I did it all without alcohol.

Let's recap. Friday, I rehearsed with Timmy, Saturday I played a show in Charles Town with I Forget, and today, I recorded drums. But let's get further into this. I had a lot of homework for the weekend. Write an essay, read a book, do a Trig quiz, and write a poem. How stereotypically difficult that all sounds. Well let's make it sound closer to what it was actually like. It was a short essay, a less than 100-page book, a very short Trig quiz, and a poem based on a newspaper article. Now don't get me wrong, the poem and the essay didn't come easily. I really know nothing about poetry or about writing it, so it wasn't the easiest thing for me.

But I wrote my poem on Obama being a celebrity because my newspaper article was talking about Obama's abs. Now seriously, what the fuck? And then in the middle of the article, it said "Abs is American slang for a ribbed midsection" and in another part "Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are the American Hollywood couple with six children." Both of those statements were so out of place and ridiculous that I didn't even have to refer to my poem or the newspaper to quote them exactly. It was like a really fucked up topic in a newspaper and in the middle of all of my "How the fuck is this big news when we're fighting two wars and the economy is shot?," it said shit like that which didn't really fit. It was like...if that article was in a book in middle school, those would be the sentences you'd pick out that didn't fit the story fucking AT ALL.

Okay, so I kind of finished my homework. Now I'll elaborate on the show since Alex commented me asking me to tell him how it went. Well it went like this: very sloppily, very short, and very fun. I had approximately NO room to set my drums up, so they were set up in a manner where I could hardly play my high tom with my left hand, so when I tried ripping off The Hives, I just sounded like an idiot and hit a lot of rim. Lame. But Katie and Taylor came out to see me play! It's weird how they know all of the people at the show and I met them from completely different places. But hey, whatever. Irony is cool, I guess.

And the weekend need a balance for the good things. So god gave me the shits. Really badly. And to make it better, I've had Taco Bell and Chinese food this weekend. And all of the toilet paper in all of the public bathrooms are so low-quality and after shitting literally 10 times in a day or two, it really takes its toll on your poor asshole. So my motto was "I'm making the shittiest toilet paper in the world shittier."

That's probably more than any of you needed to know. Oh, to make it better, I pissed on myself in Taco Bell. Sweaty, shitty, and pissed on. Sounds like a typical I Forget show.

But no, seriously, aside from shitting, this weekend was awesome. We tore some ass up in the studio today (for once, not my own). My dad and Rod are gone all week, so I'm going to go to my mom's or to wherever else. Maybe go to Williamsport on my day off on Friday. We'll see what this week brings, but I'm feeling much, much better today than I was feeling this time last week. That's good, right? Distractions are good now and then. And speaking of Distractions, you should go buy The Loved Ones' new EP, Distractions! In fact, I should go buy it myself! It features 3 originals and 3 cover songs. I don't even know if I like The Loved Ones that much, but whatever. I think it's at least worth listening to.

I'd write more, but it's 11 minutes past my bed time. Make a wish!


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