Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love you, but it's opposite day

For anyone who read yesterday's post: guess where I'm writing from! Anyone guess Williamsport? I doubt it, but hypothetically speaking, if you did, you're wrong. DC maybe? Where in DC would I find a computer to be on long enough to blog? I don't know, either, so that's not the case. Let's mom's house? Am I writing from my mom's house? Yes! Well okay, but is anyone over keeping me company? If you're seriously asking yourself any of these things, you have a lot more hope for me than I ever would. No, no one is here to see me. It's my mom, my brother, and me.

Should I start with what I wish I was doing, what I was planning on doing, or what I actually have been doing? I'll start from wishing.

I wish I were in Williamsport today perhaps singing a song I wrote to Katie, seeing a movie, going to the infamous coffee shop with the infamous scene kids that hang out there, or any other enjoyable Valentine's Day tootsie cutesy shit. I've never spent a Valentine's Day doing cute shit. Ever. The closest I'd say would be trading Valentine's Day cards in elementary school or going to a poetry reading, which wasn't on actual V-Day. It's never been a Kyle/girl duo. It's never been a Kyle/boy duo, either. No, not even a gay Valentine's Day have I lived through personally. Second hand, yes, but that's a different story.

I was planning on going to Williamsport and seeing Katie and doing whatever we felt like doing. This is also pretty much what I wished to be doing, but without any suggestions from my end.

I actually woke up at my step dad's, came home to my mom's, washed dishes, cleaned litter boxes, cleaned guinea pig cages, and threw firewood into the back of a truck. While this was all going on, I was recieving Katie's plans for today: stay home and puke all day. Someone got shitfaced because they felt they had no one to love them on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the consideration, I'm here all year. Isn't this a wonderful alternative? Currently, my best friend from Kindergarten is having a birthday party and I didn't go because well...he gets on my nerves and also that I didn't tell my mom there was a party going on and I've been sleeping all day. What will I tell him happened when I see him? He's gonna be pissed, I'm sure. I'll tell him the truth...I did chores. I feel bad but like...what do you do there? I'm not always the greatest at being a great friend. I guess I'm just as bad as the person that goes and gets hammered drunk so that he/she is completely unavailable the next day. Maybe we all could use some work...

I expected this or something similar to happen.

Oh well, I know I'm the one that's not puking today. I also know that Valentine's Day is a made up holiday with a rendered useless meaning that is kept around and made such a big deal in the US so that jewelry companies can reach their sales quotas or whatever they call that. I don't remember that from Marketing I. So overall, I'm okay. I told you I'd be strong. I told you I was anticipating disaster, but still hoping for a good day. And I told you that I wanted the ones that I called out to get back to me.

Well Alex did! Good boy! He responded in a very lax way (as most of the things Alex do are). Thank you for being sincere, respectable, and straight with me. He said, I think, that there were many reasons for his hiatus on writing and that the Amanda objections was one of them. I can deal with that. That's good, simple closure. More of the world should practice giving that. Alex, you are a good man.

Now I'll give Belle the benefit of the doubt here because she's at honor band this weekend staying in Morgantown with Kristen Mackert, bless her heart. But when she gets back, hopefully she'll get back to me on what the fuck is wrong.

I'm not that impressed with The Gaslight Anthem...I've heard a lot of hype about them in the punk community, but they were just so-so for me. They, I must admit, don't sound like any other punk/punk-ish band I've ever heard, but they didn't really blow me away. I'll probably listen again and fall in love, as I often do, or maybe I won't ever be impressed.

Okay! Okay! Okay! Good things to look forward to! Let's see if I can come up with some. Uhh...I'm recording drums tomorrow!!! I'm actually super pumped for that. No school on Monday!!! Also super awesome. If I finish up drums tomorrow (which I damn well could easily do), we'll start right into guitar/bass on Monday. I'm about to pay off my debt on Animal Crossing again! That means they'll put an upstairs in my house which I'll have to pay off next! Very exciting! That bitch of a duck is moving out of town maybe! Mallary! God, she's a bitch. So hopefully someone awesome will move in to take her place. Oh yeah! On Valentine's Day on Animal Crossing, Lolly sent me a letter. That's my girlfriend. She's a grey kitty. Her picture is on a blog I wrote a while back called "My Date" or something like that. But enough of these short-term things.

Short-long term things to look forward to: Propagandhi's new album, Propagandhi/Paint It Black/Ruiner show, D4/Bouncing Souls/AKAs show, new Green Day album, new blink-182 album. I'm going to run these things to the ground until they actually happen and then I'll get back to you about how inevitably amazing they each are!

Long-term things to look foward to: getting a life.

Okay, I gottta go get chicken eggs in the goat pin. Happy Valentine's Day!


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