Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The good news doesn't stop rolling!

Fat Wreck Chords signed Teenage Bottlerocket. Fucking Teenage Bottlerocket! One of the only surviving good pop punk bands in the world! They're actually a pop punk band! So this is totally awesome, for those of you who don't know who they are. They do "Bloodbath at Burger King." Ring any bells? Didn't think so. Anyway, Fat Wreck - Propagandhi + Teenage Bottlerocket = ...I can live with that.

I bought two tickets to both the Propagandhi/Paint It Black/Ruiner show and the Dillinger Four/Bouncing Souls/The AKAs show. That means a lucky someone gets to come with me to see them all! They have to pay me for the tickets, though. Life isn't a free ride, assholes.

So this TBR thing adds another band to be excited about this year. Man, it keeps coming! What's next? A Nirvana reunion?

I'm thinking about sleeping soon. It's been a long couple of days, but they've been worth living through, at least. I'm hoping this week will only get better, of course. Wishing bad luck on myself is kind of morbid.

I brought the new Animal Crossing game over for my mom and I to play this week because I'm staying at her house and she played it today and she reads the dialog and I make the characters use greetings like "Fuxup?!" and "Frogshit," and one guy's catch phrase is "titties." That's wonderful. Didn't think that one through very well...

My brother is finally getting to go see David Archuletta. Did I butcher his name? Good. Zane's voice butchers his name. But anyway, MAYBE he'll shut up SOME when the concert is seen and done. I'm actually using his new laptop right now, so he's gotten a lot of nice things recently, yet he's still finding things he wants. But if I can go see 6 bands, I guess he's permitted to go see one singer.

I know for a fact that Green Day's new album is going to be political, as I read a small bit from what they said to USA Today or something. One song is about religious hypocrisy, so that sounds political to me, especially for Green Day. Regardless, the blink-182 and Green Day thing makes me feel like I'm 12 again. It's awesome. I actually hated my life when I was 12, I think, but it's nice to have the memories of the good ol' music back. Back before All Time Low Hit the Lights! Ha! What an awful pun.

So! Teenage Bottlerocket is another band full of nights in shining leather jackets coming to save pop punk from impending doom. Woo! I have hope. I Forget will do all in its power to represent, too. At least, I will. I suggest you do the same. Call your cable company today and tell them that you want free porn on HBO.


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