Friday, February 13, 2009

Okay, Okay, Here is My NOT Last Post

This is simply another day in the life of Kyle Wagoner. And what has happened? I caught a Coelocanth on Animal Crossing. That's that living fossil fish that hasn't evolved in like millions of years that was around during dinosaur times and everyone thought was extinct until they found a living one a while back. Very, very interesting concept and fish, but on Animal Crossing, they're a bitch to catch. However, I caught one today and that's what's important. I was very proud of myself. I turned that motherfucker right into the museum so I can look at him whenever I want. What else has happened? Well today, pretty much nothing.

Yesterday I did NOT get my license. I did NOT go take my driver's test. I do NOT know where my Driver's Ed card is. My dad does NOT know where it is, either. I can NOT get my license without it. That is NOT the main reason I didn't go to take my test. We did NOT have electricity. We did NOT want to go take a driver's test when we weren't even sure if Romney had electricity or NOT. Maybe next week...or maybe NOT.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna go to Williamsport and/or DC tomorrow because Katie has not gotten back to me. It's not supposed to snow there until tomorrow night, so the weather would be good enough to qualify Katie to go to DC, which I may or may not go to with her, depending on what she says, if she says, and if my aunt thinks her car will make it. We'll see, but there's a good chance, I'd say, that I'll be here tomorrow writing about the great Valentine's Day I could have had. Oh well, that won't be anything new to you guys or to me. But a Valentine's Day spent with someone would be, so I'd really like this to happen. If it doesn't, once again, nothing new and I'll be strong.

The All American Rejects have never written a song that I haven't loved. I'm pretty sure they're always fucking good, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Maybe you guys just listen to MTV and watch other TV (that plays them on commercials) too much. "Gives You Hell" makes me happy every time I hear it because I have only heard it probably 3 times in my life. Everything in moderation, especially mainstream music. "Hey There Delilah" did get old because it was played on Radio Disney and, therefore, my brother would listen to it constantly, but that's not AAR, so it doesn't affect my thesis statement.

I'm gonna throw something out there right now because it's inevitably going to become a big deal soon. My best friend and I are apparently no longer best friends. I didn't get the memo, but that's how it would appear to now be. will I deal with this? Well I'm pretty sure she'll say something to me about it since I've revealed that I know something about it, or maybe she'll do exactly the opposite or maybe it has as much of chance being one option as the other because of reverse psychology times x. So I guess that's, in simpler terms, BTTM = RPx. (BTTM = [the odds of] Belle talking to me [about this situation]). If you followed me through that, you're probably weird.

And since I've already broken the ice of controversial things, I'm going to go ahead and say that it pisses me off that Alex has quit blogging. He said that writing has "caused him more problems than [he] thought." (That's paraphrased.) How can writing a blog cause you problems? I think the odds of it being internal conflict are very slim and I think it has more to do with Amanda getting pissed at him for saying certain things in his blogs. So sorry Alex and Amanda, but I'm not with either of you here. I, though I'm an entirely different person than and have the deepest respect for Alex, would NEVER quit blogging because my girlfriend didn't like my written opinions. I kind of have a huge problem with censorship. Maybe that's not the reason Alex quit blogging, maybe that's one of the many reasons, maybe it's the only reason but he won't admit it to anyone, I don't know. But the fact that he quit blogging really upsets me. He was my fucking news achor! Now I'm going to have to cover world news WHILE covering my own life! That means I'm gonna have to look up and read about these things on my own...or just report what I saw on The Daily Show the night before.

So Alex, Amanda, Belle, Unheard Silence (see yesterday's post): if any of you have a bone to pick with me now, please start picking. I truly have no problem with clarification if that's what is going to come out of me saying things like this. Maybe Belle has a good reason for no longer considering me her best friend without telling me, maybe Alex quit writing for interal reasons, and if not, maybe Amanda had a reason for giving Alex hell for speaking his mind and opinion in his own words. Unheard Silence, good luck coming up with an argument on why I should think your music is enjoyable.

Sounds like I want to start a war with my friends, huh? Let's see who else I can piss off...uhh...I'm still curious to hear the reason(s) why Katie didn't talk to me for 2 or 3 weeks. I guess that's it. As for the rest of you, there's nothing I feel I need an explanation for at the moment. You're all safe! And as for the ones I named, I guess you can all go on not telling me anything, but I'd kind of like to know what the fuck is really going on. I said the other day that I hate editing and censoring myself, so I'm calling you all out.

So okay guys, this is it. In the spirit of Valentine's Day and The All American Rejects, give me hell. (Enclose truth and reason with it, please.)



Alex said...

Hahahaha, brilliant post!
I have no bones to pick, just answers:
1) The 2nd (I think) reason you thought I quit is pretty accurate.
2) I doubt this whole break will last long. I already kind of miss writing.

la.belle.rebelle said...

I just saw this blog today. I didn't take my mum's laptop with me to WVU Honor Band, which was smart because I would have never had time to use it anyway. I didn't even read Frankenstein, though I begged for it.

I would like to discuss this matter with you. We do need to talk, but you're no longer online. Until we speak though, it goes like this:
I want my best friend, my Kyle, back. I would love it. I don't want the stranger that I see most of the time now, though. That's not appealing to me, and I wonder if it is to you.