Monday, February 9, 2009

21st Century Breakdown

jun jun jun ERRWWW.

You up-to-date Green Day fans know what I mean. Wouldn't it be funny if they came back as a metalcore band? The "Breakdown" in their album name really implied that there were breakdowns?

So anyway, this year has the potential to beatdown. Blink-182 are officially back together and Green Day are releasing a new CD in May. Lest we not forget I Forget and Propagandhi's new albums, but I'm talking mainstream pop punk right now. As blink-182 broke up and Green Day faded from the mainstream, a bunch of younger, shittier bands felt it was then their turn to take the tourch and take care of the mainstream "pop punk." Well now we'll take it back. Let's bring punk back. Green Day and blink are in charge of the mainstream punk and Propagandhi can deal with the political punk, Blake is coming back and can kick all of the shitty emo bands' asses, and I Forget's gonna kick some local band ass. Lots of asses to kick. I'm ready for some new albums from bands I've loved forever.

Now here's a huge what if: what if there was a Pop Distaster Tour Part 2? You know, as in another Green Day/blink-182 tour? That wouldn't work anymore, I don't think, as they've both become fucking humongous. About 3 hours ago, I'd checked blink-182's MySpace page and they'd recieved over 4,500 basic comments alone (that's not to include photo comments or blog comments). Green Day are powerful enough to have swept the Grammy's a few years ago. Blink are big enough to shake the world with the simple statement "We're back." If you put the two on tour together, they might as well be touring in tanks, as they're going to be destroying every city they play at together. So maybe that can't happen, but if it did, it'd be kind of badass...however, most of the population would sadly be teenie boppers. I'd think about going.

So anyway, mainstream or not, I love everything that blink-182 and Green Day have ever done (aside from Green Day's eyeliner and blink-182 breaking up and forming shitty bands). So label me a poseur non-punk piece of shit, but my politics are better than yours. My favorite bands are Propagandhi and Dillinger Four and I enjoy the likes of Cloak/Dagger, Paint It Black, F.Y.P, and ALL, so suck it. At least Green Day and blink-182 sound like themselves and not like Rise Against sounds like Nickelback or think that Three Days Grace is a punk band. I feel like I'm always battling myself for what is punk and what's not and I'm sure that very few people read what I write and the first thing they think is "How fucking unpunk is he?!"

So anyway, today just had two huge bits of news. Blink-182 is officially reforming and Green Day has released the title of their new album and the month of its release. In the spirit of this news, I'll tell you this about I Forget: our new album is being recorded. Didn't know that already? Now you do. Did you already know that? Tough luck.

Okay, okay, okay, enough with the punk rock politics. This Saturday is Valentine's Day. Oh joy, oh joy. Will I have a Valentine? I guess this week will tell...but I wish for one for at least this one Valentine's Day. It's kind of special, I guess, though pointless, you know? If I don't have one, then it's okay. These past few days have been spectacular. I'm gonna get me a bowl of cereal to congratulate my life turning itself around. Thanks, lucky beret and bowl of mini-wheats.

I feel like there was something else that struck me as significant today. Let's just say I've found a lot to look forward to this year. Good.


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