Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It seemed to me like a good idea at the time

Donuts sound like a good idea at the time, don't they? Then you eat them and they're awesome and then you feel like shit. Why is this? Because they're disgusting. End of that.

You know what I can't resist? Ghost Hunters. You know what I CAN resist? Ghost Hunters International. GHI is like watching a cover band. I don't really give a shit at all.

I was kind of planning on a bath before bed, but I'm watching Ghost Hunters at, which is probably how I'm going to watch TV from now on, since I can avoid all of the bullshit shows and I don't have to go upstairs.

You should read the Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox. I should do my homework. has been spot off all week.

Okay, let me sum something up. Things I should do: my homework, take a bath, get some rest. Things I'm going to do: write this blog, watch Ghosthunters, go to bed.

Is it obvious that my mind is wandering?

Maybe I should have done my homework during 4th block today while we had a free block.

I closed the Ghosthunters tab on this window. I've only got like 17 minutes to be up and I'm 10 minutes into a 43 minute episode. Somehow, I don't see me having enough time to watch all of it. So okay, maybe I'll go do what I should do now. Good night. I'm taking a bath and reading some poetry.

Oh, and my profile playlist on MySpace is awesome. It's got Paint It Black, Propagandhi, LeATHERMØUTH, Cloak/Dagger, and old Dillinger Four on it. The second half is like Jets to Brazil, Alkaline Trio, and Tom Gabel, so it calms down a little, obviously. But seriously, there are some good bands that represent that original hardcore genre out there, and you should check them out. I'm a scatter brain tonight, sorry for trying to write a blog. But hey, I think the title is actually fitting. A blog seemed like a good idea at the time.


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