Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We are the dead generation

First thing's first: I dig Marilyn Manson's music. As I've said to various people, I believe that if you changed the lyrics to his songs and changed the instrumentation/vocal style (not even drastically), any one of his songs would fit in with the songs on Radio Disney, and at the same time, blow the rest of them away. I also say that he probably draws a song name out of a hat to decide which one is the single for each album. He can write some pop. Very well.

Okay, second thing: the new Propagandhi song I've heard, "Dear Coach's Corner," is kind of not traditional Propagandhi at all...but then I asked myself this: has a new Propagadnhi album ever been "traditional" to the preceeding albums? Okay, uhhh let's think about this. Their first album (How to Clean Everything) was a very angry pop punk album with some songs leaning more towards speed punk. Okay, lots of speed punk, actually. Their second (Less Talk, More Rock) was kind of, I'd say closer to rock and hardcore? There was a lot less punk, while at the same time, John Samson had two songs that he sang on his own, which were like indie punk or something with a very entergetic band accompanying the vocals...or overpowering them, actually. (Another reason why it was good that Samson left to do his own thing.) Their third album (Today's Empires, Torrow's Ashes) was amazingly drastic. Not only was it like a fucking thrash punk album with some very UNmelodic songs with sometimes NO vocal melody whatsoever, but they also brought in a new member, Todd. No more happy pop songs to be found. More complex guitar riffs, basslines, and drum fills/rhythms. And the album following that one (Potemkin City Limits) was just a more drastically complex album than the third. Not only were there no happy pop songs, but there was no happy-sounding ANYTHING. It's probably the darkest album I've ever heard (I don't listen to metal albums, but who cares?). It's also one of the best musically-composed and political albums I've ever heard. And now, I have a feeling their newest album is going to be drastic in that EVERY song is going to be at least 4 minutes long. (See, they used to hardly reach 30 minute albums [Less Talk, More Rock was around 25 minutes] and they've been writing longer songs recently.) Anyway, to sum it up, I don't know how the new album is going to be as a whole, but "Dear Coach's Corner" started with a seriously shredding guitar solo followed by what sounded like a beatdown and then proceeded by very melodic music, an actually melodic vocal melody, and a rhythm that didn't beat your face off, as Propagandhi usually use. I wonder what Todd's songs are going to be like on this album...and I can't wait to hear for myself. I don't think they're satisfied unless every new album is shocking to the kids. It's like listening to a new band with each release. I love that, though. And they love how so many people wish they'd write another How to Clean Everything (kind of like how everyone wants I Forget to play more ska).

My Chemical Romance covered a Bob Dylan song "Desolation Row" and it's actually very punk. I hope these motherfuckers have figured out what punk is and stick with it. Did you know that Frank from MCR formed the band LeATHERMOUTH? They're like a weird blend of As I Lay Dying and Black Flag (I don't really know what As I Lay Dying sound like from song to song, but they represent "modern hardcore" to me and probably plenty of others). It's weird, but hopefully they've figured out that punk is amazing and it should be cherished. Let's bring back the revolution, MCR. I saw you guys before anyone knew you and I don't think you really knew what punk was then.

My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row

Oh, and if one day, everyone loves Cloak/Dagger, I called it! They're awesome. So check out Cloak/Dagger and LeATHERMOUTH because they're both pretty cool. Whatever's going on in the punk scene, I'm liking it (aside from Rise Against sounding almost exactly like Nickelback anymore...).

Okay, folks, show this weekend in Charles Town! I Forget! The Vankills! The Sex Robots! A Squirt Gun Drive By! Show at 6 pm! What is it? $5? If you live in that area (which you probably don't if you're reading this), you should come out to the Jumpin Java on Saturday. You know what I think about all day? I think about 1: how shitty this year has been and how it could have gone better and 2: how amazing our new album is going to be. I said that about the last one, but I mostly said it because I was going to have an album of my own. This one is really going to be something, I think, though. Hooray for boobies!

Oh, we had school today....and no delay. So I didn't get to record yesterday because of the snow, but had school the next day anyway. That's so shitty. And I slept all this evening (I'd say 5-9 pm). I think I'm still gonna sleep well tonight. I just have to write a fucking poem response to something...I forget which poem....

Which brings me to why I didn't post yesterday. Well, I didn't post yesterday because I didn't feel like it and because I didn't feel like it. Why didn't I feel like it? I was tired, exhausted, disappointd in the weather, I'd already written in my journal for school, and I really didn't feel like forcing words to show up on this thing. I'm not real sure if I'm in the mood to write today, even. I wrote enough the other day to last about a week, so I don't feel bad for it.

I have no joyful news for you on any subject, really. Umm...let me find something to report...I've sat here for more than 20 minutes trying to come up with something and I have nothing.


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