Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Froggy, Woggy, Bloggy

I love how my friends are getting into this blogging thing. Caleb started one yesterday. He's a follower of mine, look him up your goddamn self. But anyway, I've realized that I really love to hear biased opinions on subject matters that I know nothing about! I told Caleb this in a comment I just left him. I told him it's nice to hear what it was really like without a bunch of bullshit smiles and descriptions that make events sound nicer than they really were. He's talking about boot camp. How fucking epic? I don't even give two shits about boot camp, but he's fucking writing about it and I'm loving it. I hope he follows up for a few days at least on the subject matter. It's awesome. Maybe I'm realizing that I like to read...but this is reading in a completely biased way. Full-on one-sided opinions and it's awesome.

Amanda called Alex an ignorant asshole for the way he worded himself in a blog or for the things he says against certain groups of people (rednecks, Republicans, etc, she said) and I even appreciate her opinion. It sickens her. I love it all. Alex has a problem with the American Dream. Good for him! I fucking love it all!!! Opinions and assholes and fucking gold. (Opinions and Assholes is a None More Black song. Look it up. They're from Philly. You know who else is from Philly? Paint It Black, The Loved Ones, The Explosion [I think].)

So blogging is pretty much awesome. You know why? Look what I can say: the girls at Frankfort look like they're trying to starve themselves to death. Who stopped me from writing that? No one. Who's the editor? Me. Who knows what I meant by that? Me. Who's gonna take it the wrong way? You. It's beautiful. As I state my opinion, I instill one on you or bring yours out. It's awesome. So fucking fight me, assholes. I want to hear what kind of problems YOU have with ME!

George Bush is a complete dumbass. I didn't think the girl in Transformers was as attractive as everyone made her out to be (something Fox?). Family Guy is offensive and amazing 100% of the time. Gays should be able to get married. Animals shouldn't be bred to be put into slaughterhouses. Who's stopping me? FUCKING NO ONE. There's no moderator here. Letters to the author are going to change nothing that's already been written. This is fucking real life. I'm biased. Fuck yes, I'm biased. I'd rather watch frogs have sex than watch All Time Low play live! 3Oh!3 sound like bullshit. Metalcore is not hardcore. Propagandhi is the best fucking band ever.

So yeah, I have my opinions and they are a part of what makes me Kyle Wagoner. If you don't want them, I'm not forcing you to read this. Go read someone else's blog. Read about ponies or sweet things that will never harm anyone emotionally, figuratively, or physically. If you want to know how it is, or how I think it is, then you've come to the right place. Or you know what? You can even read NOTHING if you don't like what I say. Who said you had to read a blog at all? I see this as my public journal, but that doesn't mean I'm going to necessarily edit it for virgin eyes.

Anyway, so after reading Caleb's most recent post, I realized that I have never told you guys a fucking story! I mean, I have, but they're usually bullshit like "So I woke up, brushed my teeth, masturbated, went to school, had lunch, masturbated again, thought about fucking my teacher, went to 4th block, got a boner under my desk, fucked around in the band room, went home, put on a sweater, fell asleep, woke up, fed the goldfish, put my dick in the fishbowl, went to the emergency room, passed out, and here I am." Who cares, you know? I act as if there's never been a memorable event from my distant past to discuss or tell you about. So what am I going to do tomorrow? Well, probably wake up, shit, go to jazz band, endure school, go take my driving test, come home, shit, eat food, shit, play Animal Crossing, shit, and sleep (my stomach is still acting up). But in terms of writing a blog for tomorrow? Well I think I'm gonna try retelling a tale from my past. What should I write about? Digging for dinosaurs in my backyard? Going to a NASCAR race? The time Dale Earnheardt died and the effects it had on my life? My emo middle school days? The night of the eighth grade dance? It's hard to tell, but you can probably count on it being none of those things.

So I'm hungry, it's 31 minutes past my bedtime, and I forgot to make a wish at 11:11. Damn. I'm going to Williamsport to see Katie this Saturday. That's Valentine's Day. I'm preparing a little somethin' somethin'. I'll tell you about it when it's said and done (don't want her to find out what it is by reading this). I'm pretty stoked, though. Hopefully all will work out for once! I'll have to wear my lucky beret to bed or something.

Oh, and check this out. March 10th - new Propagandhi album. March 11th - Propagandhi/Paint It Black/Ruiner show. March 12th - D4/The AKAs/Bouncing Souls show. March 14th - Mara's moving back from Chicago. March 14th rings a bell....I'm not sure why. Hmm. Oh well. If it's really that important, it will come to me. That's gonna be one hell of a week, though. I gotta save up money for T-shirts and shit. Oh, and I spent $24 on drum brushes today. Really cheap-ass ones for a lot of money. Complete bullshit, but hey, I needed some. Speaking of drum brushes, yes, jazz band in the morning. I should get to sleep so I'll be awake for that.


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