Thursday, February 25, 2010

That last one doesn't count

Yeah, I got a "formspring" account thing because it seems interesting. Basically people ask you stuff and you answer them and you have no idea who's asking. Like anyone can ask. It's weird. They've just asked me weird shit so far...

Two-hour delay tomorrow AND Alex's birthday! Happy B-day, bitch!

Talked to my dad about college today...and by "talked to my dad about," I mean "got preached to about," of course. So I wanna go to Potomac State because I'm too much of a puss to run off into the world and go to college at this point and my dad hates that! He tried to tell me how much he hated it...but I didn't really care. And I want a car because I need one for jazz band and track and other things...and I'm not sure I'm getting one right now!

I've been stressing about college and stuff since then, though. My mom isn't stressing it on me too much. My sister is pregnant. My brother may be coming back to public schools. I'm graduating. Life is just full of changes!


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