Saturday, February 20, 2010

I deserve a Grammy...or something

So I Forget played at Tabitha Shoemaker's birthday party last night. Now first off, loading up equipment (all of it, for that matter, including PA and shit) is a pain in the ass when you have to shovel 2 feet of snow across en entire yard to get a clear path from the practice space to a vehicle. It is. No way around that. Secondly, we were kinda like...not prepared to play both practice-wise and equipment-wise. Like our normal guitar has a broken string that Brittney uses and I had no real drum sticks...only Rock Band sticks. I will get to that later.

Okay, so we also didn't have enough cars to take all of our stuff, SO I had to call (and by "call," I mean text) Kylie and say, "Yeah, we need your mom to help us take shit." So Jenise comes and parks in the neighbor's driveway, Brittney and I start walking across the fuckin' shittily shoveled snow-covered yard with tons of equipment. Maybe not "tons," but a lot. Maybe a thousand pounds...probably not that much. Anyway! We carried a quarter of a ton of equipment across the yard and I already had blisters before I left from shoveling. So we get to the venue like an hour later as always and we have to jump through hoops to get the stuff in the door because there's three foot of snow surrounding the sides of the building. Then we set up, I ride with Nick to his house to get another pair of Rock Band drumsticks because I knew mine wouldn't last en entire show. I'll get to that later.

So we're all set up and there's like 20 people there. We start playing with the typical "Get a Clue," "for.the.$$," and "That One Song." One stick snapped halfway through "Get a Clue," another broke in the middle of "for.the.$$" and the last two broke a few seconds into "That One Song." So I had to play an entire show with pieces of drumsticks. I broke a broken drumstick for the first time in my life. It was interesting. I deserve a reward for it. Needless to say, it was a kind of sloppy show. Not many people seemed to care that we were even there...but oh well. We got $50 from it, we got to play basketball, we got to rap, and we got to go have Denny's afterward. A nice Friday evening in spite of everything.

Don't play a show with Rock Band drumsticks. Trust me. Buy Vic Firths or Pro-Mark or something.


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