Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maybe I should just give up

This decade...fuckin' amazing so far. I've played two shows, the first of which was kind of disastrous sound and performance-wise but a huge success show-wise, I've had a birthday party, I've had some goodass food, I've seen some badass movies, I've spent a whole lot of time with friends, I'm 18 now, I didn't have to go to church this morning. These things, to me, make it a superb couple of weeks. I want to say that January 8-15 was the best week of my life, because it very well may have been.

I also just read that one of the guitarists from the Canadian hardcore band, Fucked Up, starred in the movie Camp Rock II with the Jonas Brothers. Now tell me that's not fucked up! Ha! Get it?!

Show at the high school was a huge success, I think. We played quite well. Dogjaw played quite well. I think the locals are starting to dig the music, which is awesome. I played two shows with the jazz band on at the capital building of West Virginia for a bunch of politicians and the second at Embassy Suits for a bunch of politicians. The show at the Embassy Suits was like a...meeting of some sort to "discuss" Mineral County and try to help it. I said to Nick, "I Forget and Dogjaw are helping Mineral County far more than anyone here can ever do." It kind of made me want to puke. Bullshit politicians.

Speaking of which, I'm a registered voter now. I'm Independent. Woo!

I really have nothing insightful to say. Nothing is bothering me. Nothing to rant about. I'm quite sorry...


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Alex said...

That was actually a very nice, simple, understated rant.